Monday, November 15, 2010

If I Make It At Home It's Homemade

While talking to my mom this morning it dawned on me that Thanksgiving is next week...not in two weeks, not next month but in 10 days. How the heck did this happen?

I'm not usually one to prepare for Thanksgiving weeks in advance, it is just a ham & turkey dinner but man it sure snuck up on me. Then to make matters worse I noticed that our next door neighbor has put up his Christmas lights. What's up with that? Dudes' in a freaking hurry to get the year over with or something...geez.

So now that I'm aware the day of "stuff your face til you're a mouth breather" is upon us I've started to think about what we're going to have for dinner. I'm thinking we'll go with a Ham instead of a Turkey, because hog beats turkey any day (bacon...yum...need I say more?) & of course the sides will include the classic mashed potatoes, stuffing & veggies. But aside from an easy enough menu I think I may run in to a few speed bumps that may or may not have to do with the MIL.

I've said it time & time again & I'll say it again, I adore this little woman but she likes to be involved and I'm not much of a team player (you can ask any of my PE teachers, they'll tell ya). I already know that she's going to want to "help" out and that means a kitchen full of myself, my mom & her in the kitchen all at once.

Not really that big of a deal because that just means I get to do less cooking & more eating but where I think I'm going to have an issue is the dessert area. The MIL, she likes to make stuff...from scratch. That means my out of a box desserts that everyone loves will become the reject desserts once they taste her homemade treats. I mean it guys, this woman makes almost everything from scratch. Oh, you want an example...okay...
  1. Cinnamon rolls: She cant just buy the delicious Pillsbury ready made one's that I love so dearly, nope. She made her own this weekend...from dough to icing.

  2. Pizza: Did someone say Digiorno? Nope not here. She made her own pizza dough this weekend & made us homemade {burnt} pizza.

  3. Mashed potatoes: Idahoan potatoes in a box...never. She bought, boiled & mashed fresh potatoes last week.

  4. Gravy: Why would anyone make it easy on themselves by getting gravy out of a can? Pfft...she made her own gravy using the juice from her roast, butter & flour.
Don't get me wrong, I ate all this up like it was my last meal on earth but she's really starting to make me look bad. I mean what the hell is Rusty going to do when she's gone & he's back to eating like a prison inmate? All I gotta say is she better not one up me on my from a can, ready made crust, easy peasy to bake pumpkin pie or I'm going to lose it!

What sort of items are you having for Thanksgiving dinner, I need ideas. And, I totally wont judge if it comes out of a box :)


  1. It's not thanksgiving without sweet potatoes! My dad makes the stuffing from scratch and I have just learned how to make a pumpkin pie. We cheat on the gravy though, we use the seasoning packages from mccormick.

  2. This year we're letting Cracker Barrell do the cooking for us :) *lol* I don't want to have to cook so much of the stuff the day before, and the turkey overnight with this big ol'baby fighting his way out of me. So we're making it easy on ourselves this year. And maybe Christmas too, we'll see how it goes on turkey day. *lol*

    There are some thigns that I make from scratch, but I have no issues getting stuff out of a box. *lol* Desserts are usually the box-type things we go for, but I think this year I'll try to make a homemade sweet 'tater pie or something.... maybe.

  3. I have to admit that I love to cook, so I make most of my stuff from scratch too (and I LOATHE using canned soup in any casserole-type setting). This year, though, no Thanksgiving cooking for me. I'm way too busy with work. I do have a couple of super-easy suggestions for you though!

    Mashed potato casserole: Like regular mashers, but better-who doesn't love cheese, chives, and pimento! I use real potatoes (like your MIL), but it's great because you can put it all together a day or two early and just bake it on the big day!

    Cranberry sauce- Yeah, it's easy to get the stuff out of the can. Almost as easy? Making the real stuff! There's a recipe on the side of the bag, and all that's in it is water, sugar, and berries. Spend the 20 minutes a day or two in advance, Rusty will hail you as the new turkey day goddess.

    And finally, store bought pie crusts are as good or better than homemade. Never let anyone tell you otherwise, just buy those bitches in the dairy department!!

  4. I go the easy route every night usually. Most of what I make still qualifies as homemade, but I take shortcuts where I can. Hello, cooking for a family of six!

    But, holidays are my time to put in the work to make something awesome. Okay, usually awesome. I've had a few mishaps over the years. But, there's something about making a real homemade breakfast for the boys that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Until they all decide they don't like it anyway... ;O)

  5. HA HA HA
    Call me over...I'll shoot the turkey

  6. Gravy and mashed tator are too easy, they take time but are EZ! But I am with you about anything made with yeast. Not my friend. Me and Pillsbury Dough Boy are best buds!!


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