Thursday, November 4, 2010

Date With The MIL & Christmas Sock...Yes, Just One

I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday. I'm sure you can only imagine what a huge let down it was when I remembered yesterday was Wednesday & I hadn't in fact slept through an entire day. Bummer...

The Rust-man & I helped the MIL move into her apartment last night. And by helped I mean we hauled her stuff up 3 flights up stairs in a matter of like 18 trips to the car. She did however give us the gift of pizza for dinner as a thank you so my body has forgiven her for forcing it to be somewhat active. Rusty & I thought for sure the new Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows (don't judge our nerdiness) movie came out tomorrow so we set up a date day with MIL tomorrow, however I just looked it up & it turns out the damn thing isn't out til 11/12.

Good news is we can still go to the movies, we'll just be seeing Due Date instead! We were planning on seeing the movie anyway so I guess taking the MIL along with us won't matter. Although, it'll be super awkward if there are boobie shots or make-out scenes cause you know, we're way too young to know about "that stuff" lol. I think she'll like it though...I mean it can't be any worse than watching The Hangover with her (which I very awkwardly did this weekend).

Also, I think I may have found Rusty's Christmas present. It's a little more than I thought I'd be spending, like this is all he'll get sort of expensive, but I know he's wanted one for a while. I'd totally say what it is but he sort of likes to lurk around these parts...*shifts eyes back & forth*.

Wish I could legally do this...

I'm pretty upset with myself & the fact that I didn't start saving for Christmas gifts sooner. I rave on & on about how much I like to plan sh*t out & here I am with no money for the 16 gifts I have to buy this year, sucks. Please help me feel better & tell me you don't have a secret stash of presents you've been stockpiling since June...or at least tell me you do but it's ok if all my family gets a sock & candy cane, lol. Yes...just one sock. I'm sure they'll understand, I mean we are in a recession after all!
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  1. I don't have a stash for everyone, but I do tend to buy up some gift sets (like Bath and Body Works type stuff) right after Christmas so that I have emergency gifties around for when something sneaks up on me! Most of my Christmas shopping is done Black Friday and Cyber Monday (I figure if I budget X dollars, everyone gets better gifts if I can spend X on a sale item!)

    Also, here's something I did the first year we were married: We didn't have a lot, and I love to bake/cook, so I went to the dollar store and bought some really cute baskets and crinkle red paper. Then I made strawberry/cranberry jam (first canning attempt!), homemade bread, biscotti, and cookies and I gave all the family a basket. They loved it, and I saved a crap-ton of money!

    Sorry for the comment that could've been its own post...


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