Thursday, October 28, 2010

What's Going On...

Lately I've been having a bit of a brain cloud thing going on. I find that when I have things to write about I have no ambition to actually prop myself in front of the laptop & write. Then when I finally sit down & want to write all of the darn ideas that I had are gone. Go figure...

I've tried carrying around a notebook so I could jot down my ideas & capture them in that moment but when I finally get in front of the computer it just doesn't feel the same, it feels forced. Maybe it's just that I have a ton going on right now in my life. Writing is an outlet but writing it down also makes it somewhat real when all I want to do is ignore it.

But that's life right...you can just ignore things & hope they'll get better. So this is what's going on in my life right now:
  • My mom's currently in the hospital with Pancreatitis, which may or may not have been caused by all or a few of the many medicines she takes on a daily basis for diabetes (Januvia), blood pressure, thyroid or nerves. When I spoke to her yesterday she also mentioned a doctor noticed something on one of her ovaries which may be a tumor (or cyst, she couldn't remember which the doc said) so I'll find out more about this when I visit her today after work. I fight a lot with my mom & we don't see eye to eye most of the time but it pisses me off that she's always sick. I'm angry at her for not going to the doctor sooner (I've begged her to make a gyno appt for over 5 yrs now) & I'm mad at myself for being so mad at her because she caused me to be late to work the day she ended up in the hospital.
  • None of the places Rusty interviewed for have called. He did a phone interview with Best Buy for a Geek Squad position last week. He's probably the biggest computer nerd I've ever met so this job would be ideal for him. He's actually hoping they call him back & tell him he's hired...I'm hoping that too. And not so much because we need the money (which would be helpful) but because he wants it so badly.

  • My MIL is coming back to SoCal. She'll be working at the same hospital as a few months ago from Nov 1 - Jan 29 & staying with us for a few nights until they set her up with an apartment. I'm a little excited about her coming down again, I've begun to miss her cooking, but I'm sure in a few weeks days into her being here I'll be on here (or texting Tracy) bitching about her, with love of course. She'll officially be driving her little baby blue car down here on either Sunday or Monday so that means it's time to clean house this weekend!

  • My employer of 6 years is cutting jobs again. Yep, remember those crazy posts about 6 months ago when I thought I was going to loose my job? Well you may start seeing more of those cause even though I was saved once, my new position may be cut *sad face*. I think I better start figuring out if I want to go by the name Aston after all.

I guess all the good I had throughout the year had to even out with some bad, right? Also...I'm not ready for Christmas. Can we just postpone it till say...February or March?

Also, instead of stealing my god-kids' candy while pretending to sort it out this year I think I'll just do this:




  1. I'm sorry you're dealing with so much right now. I think sometimes, we have this tendency to think people will be bored or turned off by us if we're not happy and fun all of the time. But, writing doesn't have to be that way.

    I hope maybe letting it out has helped. Lots of {HUGS} to you! I hope you get some good news really soon...

  2. I hope things turn out to be fine for you. I hope your mom gets well soon and Rusty gets the job he wants :) :)
    I sincerely hope that there are only good times ahead for you!

    Take Care Dear!
    Best Wishes For You And Your Family!!

  3. ::hug:: Stop, breathe, eat some chocolate, and take a nap. It'll make you feel a little better. Hoping everything works out with your mom and the job situations!

  4. Awe lovey! So sorry to hear about your mama! Is she out there or in OC? You holding up okay?

    Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for the big Rustinator and the job! That would do wonders for both of your spirits!

    Text away my friend... better to text then to punch. While punching might feel good (to you, not her) at the time it can't ever end well. Ever. I mean could you imagine being at an Easter dinner table sitting right across from her and she's totally giving you the slant eye remembering you punching her square in the nose. Seriously... imagine the embarassment. Or it could totally go the other way and people are high fiving you as you walk by like "hey, good job, way to sock it to her". So in that way it could end well. Hmm... maybe you could punch her and then text me? Picture message! Yes! That's what you should do!

  5. Good luck with everything! I'll be wishing you and your family the best!


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