Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jessica Rabbit You Look SO Different

The years following Who Framed Roger Rabbit? were not good to Jessica Rabbit.

Looks like age, a rocky marriage, a crappy cooking show & 10 years worth of ho-ho's has not done her any favors lol.

Oh...Rachel Ray what are you thinking? Honestly I expected this from your nobody of a husband or Jennifer Love Hewitt (aka: the broke down wannabe Audrey Hepburn) but you...*sigh*.

Ok, I gotta be honest, in case you didn't already catch on, I don't like her. I guess that's why it's so easy for me to make fun of her. She's super annoying , her show sucks, I absolutely want to throw my shoe at the tv everytime she says "E-V-O-O". Why cant you just call it what it is? I think she does it just to annoy me. Yes, just to annoy ME.

I don't know what is going on in this photo but it looks like someones bad dream. When I saw it on Dlisted I knew I just had to post this tom foolery for your viewing displeasure. Also...is it just me or does her husband look like one of those really creepy dudes that dresses up & tells kids he has candy in the back of his truck? *shudder*


  1. It took me the LONGEST time to realize what EVOO actually meant the first time I heard it. I eventually asked my brother (the chef) and when he told me I felt like an idiot! Real people don't go around calling it EVOO.

  2. I, too, can't stand Rachel Ray. I get the same "throwing the shoe" feeling whenever I see her on a commercial (I rarely hear the "EVOO" thing, because I avoid her shows like the plague). And yes, her husband does look kinda creepy there. He also looks like his spirit is totally broken and he's just going along with what wifey wants.

  3. Her husband totally looks like the creepy ice cream man on the prowl... errr hunt, wait that's not any better. whatever. for kids. and she. well she looks like what walks the streets at night. hahahahaa i'm so lame and laughing at myself out loud as i type this shit. i guess i should stop now. no sleep and tons of emotions = crazy tracy

  4. What I hate is when she says EVOO, then immediately after says, extra virgin olive oil. For crying out loud. Isn't it a tad redundant to say both??
    I thought she was cute when she first came on Food Network, but I can't stomach her now. Sorry Rachel.

  5. how excited does he look to even BE in that outfit?

  6. I actually still like her. I don't adore her and I don't often watch the show, but there's something sweet about her that makes me think we would totally hang out.


    Her husband is a serious d-bag and looks like something out of a nightmare I had recently. And she just really should have gone with something else...

  7. i like rachel ray..she does good things with her non profit organization for kids..
    but i did automatically think of the creepy guy in a rabbit suit!

  8. I hate the EVOO saying too. It's so annoying. And that costume...I have no words...


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