Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm So Tired I Cant Think Of A Cool Title

I'm so tired. The last 2 days have been super hectic & I demand a do-over of my weekend...you hear me weekend gods, I want a do-over!!

All of Friday was spent in O.C. because I had to have some cosmetic surgery done to my new car. Don't know if I mentioned it but the car had a slight but very deep scratch on the back bumper & they said they'd fix it asap. Well it took me going down there 2x & calling 3x for them to finally get me an appointment to get it sanded, painted & buffed. In the end they totally effed up the job & over sprayed the primer so I had light gray paint all over my passenger side door & they had to keep my car for another day so I had to make another 40 mile trip to OC to get my car back yesterday morn. I probably should've bitched and at least had them pay for my gas but as I mentioned before...I'm tired.

On another note, my mom was released from the hospital yesterday. Her pancreatitis is gone, her liver is still slightly inflamed & it turns out it's just a pretty large cyst on her left ovary not a tumor *phew* so she'll just have to go see all her docs in about a week for a check up.

I've been cleaning for the last 2 hours (you know, cause I have to pretend to be all clean like when the MIL is coming to town), my hands ache so bad. You'd think that with me being mexican & all cleaning would come easy (hardy-har-har) but I can honestly say I was not meant to be domestic like, cleaning is not for me. I'm also trying to finish the 8 loads of laundry I've had tossed all over my closet floor. Rusty went ahead & separated it for me but neglected to continue the laundry process by tossing it into the washer. I think he might be under the impression a laundry fairy comes in every now & then washes, dry's & puts clothes away...in other words he was just waiting for me to get pissed off enough about it still being there that I'd end up doing it. He won.

Also...I hate aunt flow. She's a total biatch for coming around when she's unwanted. I'm also hormonal as ever. Rusty is annoying the crap out of me one minute & the next I cant seem to get close enough to him. I think I may be a bit bipolar ha ha.

Hope everyone has a fun & safe Halloween! And if you're not going to pass out candy can you at least be kind enough to post a sign on your door saying so. This way you wont have little kids ringing your door bell like poor saps.



  1. I'm glad your mom is out of the hospital now! :o)

    And, when I'm not doing candy for Halloween, then I leave the lights off. Hopefully, parents still teach their kids not to approach dark houses at night! Boo.

  2. Glad your mom's doing better! Also, I think you're lucky that your hubs at least sorts the laundry...I'm lucky if I can get mine to put it in the hamper at all!

  3. I am so exhausted too!! I swear I need to clone myself!!!

  4. Hope You Had A Happy Halloween, Dear! You seem pretty stressed out at the moment but I hope things work out well for you soon :) :)

  5. So glad your mom is home!

    Ughhh to the car dealer crap. I hate dealerships. On another note, I still really want a new car. Damnit.

    You are a nicer wife than I... I would have flipped my shit over the laundry not being done by the time I got home from work. And by flipped my shit I mean gone postal and thrown a few punches in between. hahahaaa

    *hugs* to you... can't wait to get MIL induced texts!

  6. Hehe on the pics. At least your mom is doing better. That's good to know.

  7. Oh yes, I know how it feels. Aunt Flow is visiting me too and this morning I was so exhausted I could not even remember my zip code! I literally had to look at a piece of mail to remember it!

    I hope things get better for you. I am also from So Cal...I have a giveaway going right now for Southern Ca residents for a photo session, you should come by and check it out!

  8. I hope your mom is feeling well!! How's the car?


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