Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm The Office Scrooge

I hate to sound unfriendly but I sometimes hate working in a department that is 98% women.

I know that I should be all about female support & such but when I worked in a department with all men I never had to deal with birthday parties, potluck lunches, endless signing of birthday/get well/congratulations/condolence cards and most recently a lame Christmas Ornament exchange...

Don't let this page fool you, it's actually 4 pages long

WTH? I hate to be the scrooge of the office but I hate this idea. I'm not an ornament person...at all. I also love that the questionnaire states it's voluntary but when I mentioned I wasn't crafty or into the idea they all sort of ganged up & were like "well we ALL participate, it's like a tradition...you don't HAVE to make it, you can buy it".

In the end probably I'll give in & participate (yes I'm a bit of a push over), I wont like it but I'll do it. After all, I do have to work with these holiday bullies. To be honest I'm also afraid one day I'll come in and all of my pens will be dry, my chair will be gone & my plant has "mysteriously" died.



  1. A few years ago I used to work for a company that strictly forbade that kind of stuff. It was to prevent the exact situatuion you're finding yourself in.

    What if you were Jewish or Born-Again? What if you effing hate Christmas but love Halloween?

    I hate office pressure.

  2. There is an ornament exchange each year that I participate in. I've found World Market and Ikea have the most creative/fun ornaments. It won't take too much time, Lin. Plus maybe you can find something snarky. ;)

  3. We are one & the same. I like working and I Don't mind being friendly with my co-workers but monthly potlucks, parties and the like are just NOT my thing. I have a LIFE outside of work... these people must not...which is why they organize all these silly office things. UGH!

  4. ha ha. I have 3 brothers so I hate girly stuff too. Like when a friend asks me to go shopping, pluck her eyebrows, or have craft night with her.

  5. Oh I feel for your Linny. I hate the one where everyone fights for the gifts, you know you can "exchange" yours for someone else's and it goes around and around. I just wasn't raised like that. You don't say you don't want a gift. IT'S A GIFT! Then there's always one gift everyone dogs and then that person silently feels awful. We did this a few years back and that's exactly what happened.

  6. If you really want to get out of them harassing you to participate in future events, make your exchange ornament by twisting a red and a white pipe cleaner together, then bending it into the shape of a candy cane. They won't ask you for ornaments again ;)

  7. I'm DYING laughing at what Lisa said! DO IT!!! I was going to suggest getting a plain white ornament and writing "F-U" on it in sharpie. LOL. I hate stupid office politics. I dont usually participate in much. The ones I do are when my boss tells me "you're the manager, you need to set an example". pffft. My world is not my job.

  8. Ooh sorry about that. Sometimes working with women can be harder. I love swaps but an ornanement swap might not really be my thing either.


  9. I was one of the only two staight male workers in a workplace (other two are gay) and I got this Grinch as her secret Santa. She gave everyone a card...except me. I kept up with the whole SS thing, making sure she got everything she wanted. Then at the party, she was shocked to find out that I was her SS and she suddenly got friendly with me and gave me a card. (Shakes head)

  10. You could start putting things on cards like,
    "Wow, you're how old? I could have sworn you were pushing 40, 50 ..." or "Wow, heard about what happened. Definitely sucks to be you." Needless to say, they'll probably stop asking you to sign cards :)

    Also, for potlucks ... bring something in a can and then use a knife to open it and look really hurt when no one wants to eat it. OR make something that's unidentifiable and when someone asks what's in say, "Tuna, ketchup, cheerios ..." I'd say they would probably stop asking you to participate in functions all together :)


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