Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Used To Call It Paranoia

I was almost fully asleep the other night when out of no where I opened my eyes & asked Rusty "if something were to ever happen, like a huge earthquake or something huge like that, and I was at work would you want me to try to get home as soon as possible or stay put?".

This question had been weighing heavily on my mind for a few days now. I don't know what triggered it or why it was even that important to know but I just had to ask. I suppose it may be that I like to have some sort of half assed plan if this type of hypothetical situation was to occur *shrug*.

I blame Rusty.

He's constantly...I mean constantly telling to me about all these horrid world events & his conspiracy theories (which are actually beginning to make sense, lol). In all honesty though, I think we can all agree that the world isn't perfect, natural disasters happen, man made disasters happen & because we all live in our beautiful lil American bubble we think it'll never happen to "us".

I sometimes often like to play dumb but I'm a realist & knowing if I should stay put or rush home to my husband if something were ever to happen (considering I work 44 miles from home) is a must for me. I think what scares the crap out of me the most is the thought that I'll be rushing home while he's rushing to find me, the phones are down, there's no way to communicate & we cant find each other.

So after startling him with my out of nowhere "Rusty like" hypothetical paranoid question, we decided that if the freeways are blocked I will stay in OC, post up at the 1 of 2 locations we discussed and wait for Rusty to find me or if it's clear for me to drive home I'll go to him & he'll stay put.

It's a plan. Not a perfect one but it's still a plan. And I wont totally blame you guys if you think I'm nutty as hell but I prefer to be at least a little prepared in case this ever becomes a real situation...so judge away.

Does anyone else have a type of emergency plan or is it something you don't even think about?

*Click here for an awesome site that lists everything you need to be disaster prepared*
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  1. Not nuts at all. Helps to know where crucial people will be under any given situation. That, gives me a peace of mind at nights.

  2. Dude! You are NOT nuts. Well you are... but not in this situation. I worry about this type of shite all day every day. Especially now that Baby J is all up in the mix.

    With that said... we don't have a plan. *moves to top of to-do list* I'm gonna get on it STAT!

    When we had the tornado stuff not that long ago I was in uber panic mode and drove RIGHT past it to get home to Julian. Like no joke, saw the car turned upside down and everything! hahahahaa

  3. Okay, that cartoon? Hilarious!

    I already know Mr. BFG's answer. He would drive home, dig through the rubble (if needed) and make his way to the fridge. Because, he is Mr. Don't Panic. The same man who decided to drive to work on the morning that Memphis experienced 100mph winds. The same man who casually makes his way out to tie down the rickety tree in the front yard, moments before hurricane Ike blows in...

    Yep. I'll just stay put and hope to God that the roof doesn't cave in...

  4. I LOVE the cartoon!! Also, you are not nuts. I like to be prepared for hypothetical disasters as well. Of course, there isn't quite as big a chance here for an earthquake setting my entire state adrift in the ocean...

  5. You aren't being crazy at all! I think it's good to be prepared - your right, it would be terrible to both be searching for each other at the same time missing each other not knowing where to look. It's always a good idea to plan ahead! Also, I love the cartoon!

  6. I think you are actually pretty darned smart to think about it before anything happens!


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