Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Like Boys Who Do Jackass Things

I've always been attracted to type of guy that can make fun of himself without caring what anybody thinks of them. Having a sense of humor is a huge turn on...sorry, is that tmi?

Rusty is a funny guy. It's actually what I love about him, well besides his dashingly good looks.
He's always willing to make himself look like an idiot if it's going to make me laugh. So it's probably not a surprise that I have a little itty bitty crush on Mr. Johnny Knoxville.

He's pretty well known for the Jackass show/movie(s), coming up with shows like Dudesons in America & Nitro Circus and being an actor. If you dont know who he is well you should get out of your hovel every now & then cause he's a pretty kick ass cat ;)

This friday (10/15) Jackass 3-D is opening in theaters...woot!

In all honesty I was sort of boycotting seeing it at first because I knew how much Rusty wanted to see it and I'm just mean like that. What? You know you guys like to torment your luvah every now & then too.

Well after watching the movie trailer for like the 18th time & Johnny Knoxville's interview on the Daily Show w/John Stewart I've decided to give in & see it in theaters. Rusty wins...uh...I mean I win (hello, eyecandy).

I wonder if party boys' going to make an appearance in his classic thong...



  1. My husband has that sense of humour, he does silly things and he doesn't care what anyone thinks.

    I really want to watch Jackass 3D too! I don't know why but you are right, the trailer is hilarious. I love the part when Bam gets a high five!

    Let me know what you think of it after you watch it. I hope to catch it within the next two weeks but I have to watch Life As We Know It first.

  2. We LOVE Jackass! I think we own the first two...? I mean, some of the more questionable things were hard for me to watch, but I don't think I have ever laughed that hard!

    As a side note, I almost married a guy who would have made my life like one very looooong episode. I couldn't do it. There's funny, and there's stupid. I think he actually didn't even make it into the stupid category.

    Ah, to be young and dumb again.

  3. I love Jackass. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for it, but I don't care.
    They are hilarious!

  4. It's funny because my humor is very "guy" but Jackass seems to be where I draw the line. I mean when one of them took a dump in a display toilet, all I can think is, dude somebody has to clean that up NOT COOL! Maybe I've just cleaned too many restrooms in my life. Let us know how it is though, I'm still curious.

  5. I tagged and left you an award on my blog, check it out.

    So, did you end up watching Jackass this weekend?

  6. Last comment I will leave with this post. I saw Jackass 3D over the weekend and it was hilarious. Those boys are crazy and truly disgusting. I almost dry heaved a couple of times and couldn't stomach most of their stunts so I covered my eyes (well, my 3D glasses).


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