Sunday, October 17, 2010

We Have A Visitor....

A while ago I mentioned I was participating in this SITS tribe thingy & there might some things on here because of it...well this is it. My fellow donkey tribe member, Lisa, is guest posting for me! I think you guys are going to love her, she's sarcastic as hell, tells it like it is, is a lab tech who sometimes has to deal w/morons & has a ton of pets (really she does). Enjoy her post & then if you have some free time visit her blog & check her out.

Hey everyone! I'm Lisa and I write a little (really little...) blog called The Sarcastic Lab Rat. It's pretty much a place where I write about whatever pops into my brain: work, my life, people that piss me off...mostly that last one, I'd guess. Anyhow, thanks to Lin you all get to experience my anger firsthand! I hope you enjoy it, or at least get a few laughs (those burn calories, ya know. I'm cheaper than Gold's. Just sayin'.)

How NOT to be a Successful Industrial Plant Chemist

1. Make a small "lab batch" to determine if something will work on a larger scale in the plant. Sweet talk favorite lab tech into running color value on your sample. Go to office.

2. When your data is done being collected, ask tech her opinion on how to proceed with lab batch given the data she brings you. Disagree with tech. Inform tech you are going to do what you want anyway, even when she insists it is a bad idea. Set up new lab batch under mixer. Go back to office.

3. Sweet talk favorite tech into running color values on new sample. Realize sample did exactly what tech said it would. Ask tech how to fix it. Ignore tech when she tells you she can't. Insist she can, set up color add under mixer. Go home.

4. Return the next day. Discover tech was correct. Ignore tech when she returns to work and pretend nothing ever happened.

How to be a Lab Tech

1. Sigh when you see chemist approaching. Resign self to the fact that you will be doing yet ANOTHER project. Run color numbers.

2. Give chemist his data. Argue that his next proposed step will not work. Slam head against desk when he informs you "I'm going to do this".

3. Run new set of color values for chemist. Prove you know what you are talking about. Argue with chemist that you cannot fix what he has done. Slam head against desk when he insists you provide him with a color add.

4. Run yet another set of color values. Gloat to other techs that you were right. Leave data in a highly visible spot in the chemist's area for him to see when he returns to work. Bask in self-indulgent glow.

5. Get ignored by chemist. Project will never be spoken of again. Go home and drink.


  1. Hi-LAR-ious! Although I have a sneaking suspicion that *all* bosses behave this way to their subordinates. Well, at least mine do. ;p I think they have to pass an exam called "How To Be the Biggest Douchebag on The Planet" before they get promoted. At least that's what I've heard. Lol!

  2. I know nothing of the world of chemistry, but it seems the joys of work politics exist in every niche. Boo.

    Thanks so much for visiting and voting on my hub's commercial :)

  3. Well both of you are great! I've been enjoying both of your blogs and it's great that you hopped over to each other!Wait, donkeys don't hop do they? What do they do mosey?


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