Thursday, September 23, 2010

Unproductive...Sort Of

I had so many plans for today. None of them were actually done. I'm a bum & decided to sleep instead...ended up sleeping a total of 12 hours. You'd think I'd feel fabulous after that much sleep but sadly I don't. More than 9 hours makes me feel like crap, bummer.

Tomorrow is Rusty's birthday. Dude is turning 27, woot! A few months ago I had a whole great getaway planned for us but I decided to buy a car on a whim & those plans flew out the window, sorry hubs.

I'm pretty bummed that I don't have any cash til tomorrow morning because that means I have to actually go shop for his gift before he wakes up. I know, totally ideal.

Since the getaway plan is nonexistent now I'm thinking we'll just catch an early movie (before the crowds get there), go to dinner & then eat ice cream cake at home. Sorta low key but it beats not doing anything on your special day. Then on Saturday we're going to go watch grown woman fight each-other while rolling around on roller skates...yes we're going to watch the Inland Empire Derby Divas get their skate on.

I'm totally excited since I've always wanted to watch a game & Rusty wasn't at all against watching woman in short shorts & tights go at it...I wonder why? lol

This post really has no point I just wanted to share my nonsense plans. Hopefully it'll all work out & I wont sleep in late tomorrow cause that would totally throw me off.

Also...I just found out that because I switched my blog from blogspot.com to .com my page rank has gone back down to ZERO. To say I'm pissed would be a serious understatement. A years worth of work to get my rank up to a 3 is gone *tears*.


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  1. Happy birthday Rusty!! 27...yowza! My sis turned 26 this year and it kind of blew my mind a little.

    I hope all of your plans work out..sounds like a great birthday to me! :)

  2. Sounds like a good b'day to me! But...I'm boring, so I don't know that I'd take my word for it ;)

    Some day I'm gonna go to a roller derby! I kinda wish I could actually be on a team, but I found out they don't get paid. Plus I have torn cartilage in my knee...probably not a good combination!

  3. HAPPY BDAY RUSTY!!! :-)
    Sounds like a great day to me! I love those days!

    I'm a wee bit (replace wee bit with insanely) jealous of your sleepathon. I.am.tired! This bit of pretty much being a single mom during the week blows. Although I am really enjoying my time with the kiddo. (rambling. sorry.)

    You MUST tell me how the roller derby is! THat is AWESOME!!!

    PS - I'm hungry.


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