Sunday, September 12, 2010

So Many Sugary Choices...I Love It

My mom & I had a bit of a girls' shopping day on Saturday. It was nice but I totally overspent. Like WAY overspent, to the point where it's gonna be cup of noodles & frozen food for lunch for the next 2 weeks.

After shopping til our accounts were almost negative we decided it was time for food so we headed to the El Pollo Loco across the way. I love this place!

Anyhow, as I'm paying for our meals I notice there's a long ass line around the soda machine. I just thought maybe people were extra thirsty or something but when I got up there I realized that everyone was just admiring the beauty of this:

Yes, I took a photo of the fountain drink machine. I got a few strange looks, mostly because I had to gently push a little kids head outta the way, lol, whatever.

And like any other awesome person would do...I tweeted about it:

And yes you read that tweet correctly, this soda machine offers 107 different flavors. It was amazing! It was all touch screen & every time you clicked on a type of soda brand it gave you different flavors you could add to it. I of course went with good old Coca Cola with Cherry added to it but had the option of Lime, Grape, Vanilla, Orange & a ton of other I cant remember.

I really hope these machines catch on cause I fell in love. If I ever win the lottery I'm so going to buy one of these & put it in my bedroom ;)



  1. oh. my. god. I want one so bad!!!!! 107 choices and combinations!!! Its everything I'm craving over here haha. and Pollo Loco I wouldn't mind some of that either haha!

  2. That is the freakin' coolest soda machine ever! I LOVE it! : ) I would totally get something yummy there : ) Perfect for a hot day treat!

  3. Maybe you're obsessed because it's freaking AWESOME.

  4. that is sooo cool, but if it were me I would stand there in a trance. If I have more then 3 choices of anything to eat or drink im like a deer caught in headlights hahaha


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