Monday, September 6, 2010

New Ride

Woot! I bought a new car on Friday morning.

After 3 years & 7 months with my beautiful & sometimes reliable 07 Nissan Altima I decided it was time to trade her in. The first 2 years I had the car I didn't really put too many miles on it since I only lived 2 blocks from work but that all changed once I decided to move 84 miles (both ways) from work.

In the last year I had put approximately 25,000 miles on the poor thing. I had run it ragged & it was catching up with it. A few months ago I bought it 4 new tires & brake pads, last month it was a new battery because the old one died on me while we were at the lake and then on Wednesday I got a flat tire on my way to work.

I know car maintenance & replacing parts is a given but just too many things were going wrong (like having to replace 2 of my new 4 tires again)...it was time for an upgrade.

So Rusty & I headed to the dealer bright & early on Friday morning to trade it in. As soon as we got there this little fresh faced sales dude rushed to our sides & before he could get 5 more words out I told him everything I was looking for & wanted. I wouldn't take anything less than what I wanted (thank you dad for giving me everything I ever wanted & making me stubborn as hell).

Three hours later Rusty & I drove away in this brand new beauty.

It's a lot like my old Altima which I love but this one is way better & they changed a few things on this years' model (hood, grill, rims, radio look). The only thing I settled on not having on the car was the fog lights. I was a bit disappointed that my perfect car didn't have them but the $1,500 that I saved in not having them made up for it.

My old car was pretty standard (2.5S) & I'm glad we decided to spend a little more for this model (2.5SL) because I now have XM radio, side mirror turn signals, black leather interior, heated seats, back up camera, IPod dock, dual climate control, sunroof, auto-dimming inside rearview mirror w/compass, integrated Bose sound system (9 speakers) & blue tooth. This car is bad-ass!

my crappy photo of the interior

I was a little bummed that my car payment went up about $130 a month but considering my old car didn't have any of this cool stuff I'm going to cough up the money. Really this just means we have to cut down on eating fast food, which is a really good thing.

Hope everyone had a relaxing Labor Day weekend!


  1. Your car is GORGEOUS! Congrats hun!

  2. Ooooooooh fancy ;) I love it, and I love the features! Careful with the black leather seats though....if you're wearing shorts in the summer, you *will* burn your ass. ...yes, I know this for a fact, no I would not like to share details! Enjoy it! (and I know you will, since your commute smokes mine, and I used to think mine was too long at 35 miles each way!)

  3. i'm greey with envy!!! hahah

    soooo excited for you! LOVE it!


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