Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guess I Gotta Let Go Of Husband #2 & #3

I don't think any one's really surprised by this but it seems that Kody Brown & his 4 wives (Sister Wives) are being investigated for Bigamy.

from left to right: Janelle (wife #2), Christine (wife #3), Kody, Meri (wife #1), Robyn (STB wife #4)

Hm...totally didn't see that one coming. *sarcasm*

Turns out the Brown family was already being looked into before they went public on TLC but I guess being in the limelight didn't do them any favors cause now the po-po is really doing work on the case.

I've never watched this show, Rusty told me about it when it first premiered cause he thought I would for sure be into it due to the fact the I'm almost obsessed with Big Love, but nope it wasn't for me.

I'm all for spreading the love, marry who you want (man-woman, woman-woman, man-man), sleep around as much as you want (if you're spouse doesn't care then go for it), have lovers on the side...whatev. To each their own I say...yes, I actually have said it.

The thing that bugs me about these people is the fact that they swear they're doing the show to put their lives out there so other people like them can come out of the woods too. Yeah....no, I don't believe it...you're doing it for the money.

No one blames you. I don't. If I was already living with my husbands other 3 lovers "wives" & their illegitimate kids and some tv network offered me hundreds of thousands to record my boring life, I'd totally go for it. In all reality there are 13 little mouths to feed (yes they have 13 kids in total) and Kody's salesman job isn't gonna keep you in the lap of luxury forever. Actually, if the ladies were smart they'd stash a bit of the TLC paycheck away for a rainy day (aka: when Kody kicks your ass to end of the wives line for a newer piece).

I highly doubt this case will go anywhere because even though Bigamy is a third-degree felony in Utah I'm sure they get a few reports every now & then. What I don't get is why they're investigating for Bigamy (the act of marrying another person while still being lawfully married) and not Polygamy (a form of marriage which one person has more than one spouse at the same time), *shrug*.

As far as I'm aware this Kody dude only legally married his first wife & 'spiritually' married the other 3. The way I see it they would have been better off just calling the other 3 wives his lovers who he has kids with.

I'm sure these woman are all nice & wonderful but I just dont get it. It's not like Kody's a Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio...geez he's not even a James Franco.

In my very honest & brutal opinion, these 4 woman are idiots. If Rusty ever told me he wanted another wife I'd toss his sh*t out in the front lawn & tell him to go find one cause these sort of shenanigans don't fly around these parts.



  1. That's messed up. And...don't be knocking James Franco...mmkay? ;)

  2. Well it's a good thing that Mr Bleh and his harem of average-looking, average-behaving stereotypes have a gimmick (notice, there's the angry one, the one in lalaland and the...heavyset one...), otherwise they might have to resort to living within their means.

    He drives a Lexus. Or something.

    Yeah, I watched.

    The kids are kind of disrespectful toward him, I found that to be pretty funny for someone who considers himself to be a 'fundie'. It seems like the only fundamentalist belief that he actually follows through on is the multiple wives thing.

    If TLC really wanted to ruffle some feathers, they should do a show about woman with multiple husbands who double as slaves.

    (Love this post.)


  3. My husband could never have another wife. He can't even keep up with me!

    Also, what's up with wife #2? (She kind of looks like a dude in drag...)

    I agree with on all points, though. These folks are in it for the money, but aren't most of the characters on TLC the same way? (coughcoughKateGosselincough)

  4. They really should just be called lovers and the women are idiots to think that this is acceptable. Everyone knows that they are in it for the money. That's not a secret.

  5. I am not a fan of the show. Not because of the multiple wives. Seriously whatever floats your boat as long it is consenting adults invoved. But I do take issue with the extreme sexist nature of it. I highly doubt Kody would be ok if one of the wives wanted to toss another man into the mixture. I also personally have issues with FLDS, but that is a whole different story.

    Although I did find it slightly ironic when they were discussing their sex lives and they made it clear that there are 3 (I just saw a portion of the first episode) sexual relationships, each wife with Kody. And one of the wives said "Yeah, we don't do weird" implying that there is no girl on girl action. Umm...yeah, ya do do weird, you just ain't lesbians.

  6. I caught bits and pieces of this show the other day and I find it so strange. The three wives were all worried about the new wife coming into their family. It's so weird.

    BTW, I love the James Franco reference....hilarious!

  7. I found the show to be fascinating...in a stare-at-a-crash-on-the-freeway, sort of way. I totally forgot about it this week, though.


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