Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vintage Celebrity Saturday

This weeks' vintage celeb hasn't been in any movies (as far as I know) but she sure has made a name for herself.

Good luck trying to guess who she is based on the photo alone, it took me about 30 minutes to figure it out myself ha ha.

  • Born August 3, 1941 in Jersey City, New Jersey.
  • Was married from 1961-1989 & has one daughter.
  • Learned to cook and sew from her mother, to garden from her father who loved to plant flowers and fruit trees in the yard and learned the processes of canning and preserving from her grandmother.
  • Is an Entrepreneur; television & magazine personality; author
  • She was awarded a partial scholarship to Barnard College in New York City.
  • During her high school years, she won some modeling jobs in New York, work that she continued during her college years.
  • Graduated from Barnard College with a double degree|double major in History and Architectural History.
  • Purchased & undertook a massive restoration of the 1805 farmhouse that would later become the model for the set of one of her television programs.
  • She & a friend started a catering business in 1976 out of her basement.
  • Was found guilty of conspiracy, making false statements and obstruction of justice in 2004.
  • Served 5 months in prison.

Any idea who the beauty in the photo is? Well for those of you who have no idea...it's
Martha Stewart

ho would have thought the stern faced woman was once so good looking? Not me!


  1. Honestly, when you said she had never been in any movies and I saw that nose, my first guess was Martha Stewart! I didn't know about her college degrees though, interesting!

  2. I think I knew she had a brief modeling career, but I never would have guessed Martha Stewart!

  3. It took me about 2 minutes. The eyes give it away. Who knew she modeled?


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