Thursday, August 12, 2010

They're Not The Boss, You Are...

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Is discipline a thing of the past? A long lost art form that is no longer being passed down through generations? It sure feels like it sometimes.

I made my way to the local Target during my 30 minute lunch yesterday to purchase a pack of note cards from their lovely $1 section. The reason I chose Target was because I knew, based on my past experience, I wouldn't have to deal with little store orphans running a muck like at other stores *cough* Walmart *cough*. Or so I thought...

As soon as I reached my destination 2 little boys came charging my way like a pair of wild banshees, both hands full of items that you'd find in this section. As one little boy barely misses running into me, the one behind him decides it would be a fantastic idea to huck the merchandise that he had in his hands straight at his running companions' direction & me. Needless to say frustration soon ensued.

I looked down at the little boy & nicely told him that he shouldn't be running in the store or throwing merchandise but all he does is give me a blank stare & the wonderful gesture of showing me his tongue as he runs off again.

My question....where the heck are these kids parent(s) or babysitter?

I remember being young & having to hold on to the shopping cart throughout our entire trip at the store or I'd get a pinch to the arm as a reminder to behave or the dreaded "wait till we get home" look that my mom seemed to have perfected. I remember being scared of the consequences that my actions might bring forth...not that they'd be more than not being able to play with my friends that afternoon.

Kids now a days seem to rule the household instead of the parents. Maybe parents have gotten lazy or maybe it's the system that has given kids more power with the knowledge that parents can't as much as spank their children without being frowned upon or being called abusive.

Whatever the reasons, I see it way too often & parents need to take back the reigns and remember that they are the boss.

Btw...I in no way condone violence or punishing children through verbal or physical abuse but do believe in there being a consequence for every action. So if you're kid's misbehaving don't buy them that toy you promised, don't allow them to play their favorite video game that day, or simply explain to them why their behavior is unacceptable. However, I would like to quickly point out that a (light) spanking never hurt anyone (including myself).

Oh & if you're wondering, the 2 boys' mom was looking through the sale rack in the woman's section and was completely oblivious to where her children were until they ran up to her loudly whining "some lady yelled at us for running in the store" lol.


  1. Did you really experience this? I think childhood punishment is extremely lax and I agree that a spanking never hurt anyone.

  2. #1 - Had that been me... my mom would've spanked me.
    #2 - That wouldn't have been me because I had to stay with my mom and/or cart at all times. Running and horseplay was not to be done inside a store.
    #3 - I used to get preventative asswhoopins. Meaning I'd get a smack before we went in and a firm "do not touch a thing" talk.
    #4 - I am a firm believer in spankings and smacks. Not beatings or anything like that. It never hurt me and I was a good kid... I was a kid that my mom didn't have to worry about because I knew the right from the wrong.

  3. As a teacher, I can totally relate to this post. Kids are out of control. They yell, they hit other children, they have no respect...
    When I punish them, or explain to them what they are doing wrong, they look indifferent. It's like they don't care.
    And they don't care, because when they come back home, a huge TV, a Wii, PS3 and a Nitendo-DS are waiting for them.

  4. Kids aren't being brought the same way as we were I guess. I work in a department store and see it all the time. Not long ago a kid was climbing the boxes I was unpacking, I kindly told him the they are meant to be climbed on, as the things inside would break. He just started crying and said "mum the lady is talking mean to me" I was shocked, not only do I hate being called "the lady" but I talked to him in my nicest kid voice...

  5. Ugh, this annoys me to no end. I just don't understand why any parent would want their children running around and acting insane.

    Seriously--do they not fear that someone will snatch their child? Do they not believe in discipline?

    Isabella is forever and always getting in trouble. She misbehaves? No stickers. No dvd player in the car. And if it continues? A little pinch or one of us taking her out to the car.

    I get so annoyed at parents who allow their children to run their home--they need to realize that the PARENT is the boss, not the CHILD!

  6. ooooohhh lemme tell you- I worked for target for 3 years. and before that i worked at toys r us. There is no better birth control than unruly children!

    people really dont seem to care anymore- you would think at Target people might care more, but no- the amount of times I had to tell children to stop running and then get told off by thier parent about it?

    one lovely experience was when a young child, maybe 3, but old enough to understand what they were being told, was screaming the F Dash Dash Dash word at the top of her lungs repeatedly for the entire store to hear. mother was pushing the cart aggresively ignoring the child. wonder where the kid learned that word...hmmmm.

    its a shame- i grew up in the you misbehave you'll get it when we get home era and there is nothing more that these kids need than a little spanking and some boundaries! with that type of attetion seeking behavior they are almost begging for some restrictions from mom and dad!

    end rant! haha

  7. I agree 150%. I often joke that when I have kids, I'm gonna get reported to DCFS at least 5 times because I *will* give them a good smack if they're acting like little hooligans. I got spankings as a kid, and I turned out fine!

    This kind of reminds me of the best South Park episode ever...the one where everyone had "ADHD" and they had a video showing how to fix it. 3 kids acting up next to each other, they smack the first one and yell "Sit down and shut up!!". Kid stops and cries. Repeat on second kid. Look at third kid who immediately shuts up and sits still. Awesomeness.

  8. This just got my 'shake my head' going.

    Laziness just makes more work in the long run. Kids live up to the standards that are set for them.

    And people need to watch the news. Children get TAKEN. $3 off of a shirt is not worth it.

  9. Totally agree!! A spanking never hurt anyone!! It's the dang gov't who is trying to interfere with our roles as parents. check out http://www.parentalrights.org/ Lack of Discipline is the reason for all this nonsense these days with crime and poverty. Plus all the hand outs from the gov't. They are just paying the idiots to be lazy.


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