Tuesday, August 17, 2010

OC Fair Fun

The fair was always a place I begged to go as a kid. I remember hearing there was a fair going on in town & I'd pester my parents until they finally gave in & took me. It seems that as you get older the fair seems to only be as good as you remember it (at least for me).

Rusty & I made our way to the Orange County Fair on Sunday after not visiting the fair in about 3 years. To be completely honest...it's a bit overrated. There I said it. Sorry.

I guess my expectations were larger than I thought cause it was a bit of a let down when I realized the fair mostly consisted of performance stages surrounded by cheap game booths next to overprices rides. The best part of it all had to have been the variety of food booths. OMG...there was so much food to choose from. I was in fatty food heaven!

If you could fry it, they had it

And, there was also a bonus to going to the fair (no, not getting to eat a ginormously delicious funnell cake topped with sugar, strawberries & whipped cream *drool*, although that was fantastic!), I also got to meet the wonderfully witty Tracy & her beyond adorable baby, Julian, there. She & I have been talking through emails & twitter for what seems like forever and even though we're both in SoCal we had yet to ever meet until Sunday. I'm glad she decided to take a change in meeting me instead of being weirded out by my awkwardness & constant foul language lol.

The hottest chick at the fair.
(Doesn't her blue moon suit just blow you away? Rusty had to pretend pose behind her so I could get this photo lol.)

I've never been much for making or keeping friends. Sometimes it seems that friends crave more attention than I'm willing to give or can give and sometimes people just see how truly strange I am & how much sh*t I talk and decide to walk away. My point...Tracy doesn't seem to be an attention craver and luckily she talks sh*t just as much as Rusty & I do, ha ha, so hopefully this will be the start of nice friendship that isn't simply through a computer screen.

Also, I'd like to give Rusty a virtual *kick to the groin* for the following conversation, which we had on our way to our car after the fair:

Me: I had fun. I'm glad I got to meet Tracy & baby J. She was really nice, don't you think?

Rusty: Yup. But I don't think she liked you much.

Me: *gasp* What? Why?

Rusty: Because she left so soon.

Me: Shut up! The baby was tired. She had to go.

Rusty: Yeah...right. She was totally "Yeah I gotta go cause of the baby" but she was really thinking "I gotta get outta here, she's effing weird!"

Me: No Way! I'm a totally likable person....

Rusty: (Silence)

Me: Right?...I'm likable. I'm a cool kat. Pfff... I'm totally awesome.

Rusty: Yup

Me: Okay now you're just effing with me. Knock it off! You know how I analyze everything, now you got me thinking I was totally weird. Thanks dork!

BTW...I do over-analyze things, like A Lot, so he actually had me thinking she couldn't get away from me faster lol. Later on I realized my husband is a total nerd & likes messing with my head.

At least I'm hoping he wasn't right lol.

Rusty...you suck butt!


  1. haha; I would have kicked Rusty's butt too! That's just mean!! ;)

    LOVE the "moon girl" I should go get some of those.. and a funnel cake.

  2. Woah! Check out the wedgie on moon girl!!! ha!!!

    I had so much fun and am going to punch Rusty for you too! hahahahaa!! I'm glad you had fun and don't mind my sh*t talking and foul mouth either! AND I'm glad someone was there to witness me running over that girls foot. :)

    I'm still really sad I forgot my chocolate covered bacon.

  3. It's not just you. I have a hard time with friends. I'm sorry, but I can't sit on the phone with you for four hours and hear about how difficult your life is with ONE (really well behaved) kid. Thanks, bye.

    Seriously, glad y'all had such a great time! I personally think Rusty deserves two groin kicks for that. It's what I would do if Mr. BFG pulled that BS on me. ;O)

  4. haha my husband doesnt need to do that, i do it to myself- out of left field i'll go- oh ok so they all hate me right?? and he'll say what the f*$% are you on about?

    deep fried butter? chocolate covered bacon? wow. sounds like scotland. they deep fry EVERYTHING there. like a large pizza.

    yay for new friends though!

  5. LOL!
    Yeah, I also over-analuze things.
    But don't worry. I'm sure she liked you :)
    Oh, btw, you've got an award at My New Life as a Housewife :D

  6. OH LAWDY!!! I would have died if I had seen that crazy outfit!! BWAHAHAHAA


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