Saturday, August 28, 2010

OC Blogger Ball 2010

*FYI: this top post was written the last night but I couldn't post because I didn't have Internet access*

Just got in from the OC Blogger Ball at the Embassy Suites Anaheim - South & let me tell you it wasn’t what you’d expect a “ball” to be. It was filled with men & woman of all ages, standing/sitting
around discussing how many midgets they could take in a fight and the crazy things they’d witnessed while riding on a greyhound bus. Oh…no wait…that was just at my table.

The adorable center pieces were orange & white Gerber daisies

Yes, these were the types of topics going around the at the table that Rusty & I swore no one was going to sit at with us. We got there about 10 minutes past the time it stated on the tickets & saying it was awkward would be an understatement. It seemed that everyone there already knew each other & were all in the middle some sort of intriguing conversation that a newbie like me would have no business in.

So like any other antisocial girl who’s uncomfortable in her surrounding would do, I hit up the bar & got my drink on. Yesiree…Rusty & I got a bit plastered before stepping foot in the lions den (again). After finding the solo corner table, we sat down & waited for all of the tables but ours to be filled, you know cause we’re lepers & all lol. To our surprise people did decide to take a chance & sit next to the weirdo’s in the corner & what made it even better is that they were awesome!

My fave spot...the desert/fruit table.

Angela @Nine More Months & her husband Andrew were the first to sit next to us & these two cats are two of the funniest people I've met & man are they a cute couple. Daniel @Orange Circle Studio (his company has great products!) made best friends w/Rusty & Andrew who had us all cracking up with their crazy stories. I also got to meet Suz @Alive In Wonderland who's as pretty & easy going as I expected her to be & Marcy @Suburban Mama who's as funny in person as she is on her blog
. All in all I probably didn't "network" or mingle as much as I should have but I'm happy to have met a bunch of fantastic people. I also came to the conclusion that I need to buy some kick ass blogger business cards cause those were getting thrown around like confetti.

This was about my 3rd plate...it was so good!

By the end of the night, which flew right by, I was happy that I hadn’t gone with first instinct which was to run back up to our room & say "f*ck it, this isn’t for me". It just goes to show that stepping out of your comfort zone can be a little (or a lot) awkward & uncomfortable at first but is totally worth it in the end.

I also want to mention what a fantastic hotel the Embassy Suites Anaheim - South is. I'm not getting paid or anything for writing about it but think my experience there is worth mentioning because it was great.

Check in was fast, the grounds were huge, clean & the staff was very helpful. The hotel rooms were not so m
uch rooms as they were mini suites that had everything you'd need to live there, including mini fridge & microwave. I actually thought about squatting there until they booted me out cause it was so nice ha ha. The fact that the bedroom had door to separate it from the rest of the suite was my favorite part. It was just Rusty & I but it was cool to know that if he mouthed off I could just shut the bedroom door & he could sleep on the pull out sofa-bed ha ha.

This was our fantastic room which overlooked the pool.

We received a delicious surprise when a staff member showed up at our door with a complementary fruit platter & bottled water. But since we're total fatty's we ordered a New York style pizza from their restaurant after eating our fruit & man was it good. The bed was super comfortable & Rusty even tried talking me into shoving one their many huge feather pillows into my duffel bag but I had to resist because they had my credit card on file.

Our complimentary fruit was delicious...we practically inhaled it.

We made it down for the complementary breakfast this morning before leaving & it was definitely not your ordinary cereal, toast & orange juice breakfast bar. There was all that & way more...pancakes, french toast sticks, eggs, sausage, bacon, fresh fruit, juice bar, and my personal fave was the build your own omelet station. I had a great experience at both the OC Blogger Ball & staying at the Embassy Suites Anaheim - South...it was definitely a great way to spend part of my weekend.


  1. I am so glad you came and had a good time. This is exactly why Suz and I started BlogCrush...to help bloggers get out of their comfort zone (read: sitting in front of their computer) and meet other bloggers. Oh and to get their drink on. :)

  2. Sounds like a great time! Glad you had fun :)

  3. I'm so glad you had so much fun!!! I suppose I'll venture on over to some OC blogs...

    No pictures of you, rusty and the infamous black dot?!


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