Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Giant Brain Fart..

It's like it's Friday & everyone took off from work early in my head. I'm grasping at straws to try & come up with something to write about. Maybe I'm over thinking it...maybe I just have to sit in front of the computer & let my fingers do the work...nah *shakes head*. All I'll end up with is nonsense that makes no sense. At. All.


OK, lets give it a try...

Work has been boring the sh*t out of me. It's become so monotonous that I dread getting out of bed in the morning. It's only for the paycheck that I keep getting up & showing up with a {fake} smile on my face. I know I should be glad I have a job, just a few months ago I was whining about not wanting to be unemployed...it would be the "end of the world" blah blah blah. But right now, this just sucks.

The worst part? I've been working here for 4 months & no one has even tried to learn my name. I just heard a girl ask another lady, who has the same name as I do, who I was? Really people? I've only been sitting at this exact same desk for the past 120 days or so. Jeez!


The MIL is still in town. Rusty & I got last weekend to ourselves (somewhat), which was good. I needed time to just do nothing & just be lazy. She informed Rusty that the hospital asked her to stay a week longer than her contract stated & she agreed so she'll be here until the beginning of September. I'm sorta happy cause I know Rusty's gonna be a bit sad when she leaves, he's a big teddy bear.

We're supposed to go to Sea World or Legoland or someplace on Saturday with her. I'm hoping it'll be fun. I haven't been to Sea World in over 11 years (dude, I'm old) & I've never been to Legoland. I think Rusty's really hoping that we go to Legoland though, he's like a Lego geek. He loves building stuff...he once told me he wanted to build a gun made out of Lego's. And, when I didn't believe it was possible he was kind enough to prove me wrong by showing me a video of a dude who did it. Yep...it's possible all right. You gotta love the nerds that make the world go round. I sure love mine!

I'm almost positive Rusty's going to want this.


I've come to the conclusion that I'm a heifer. Nope, don't try to be nice & tell me I'm not because really, I am. I look in the mirror & I see this chubby girl who I don't even recognise. I think she may have eaten old thinner Lin, ha ha.

What am I doing about it? Nothing. I know, not very productive but I'm lazy. For a while I was hoping that I'd find some kind of magic bottle with genie in it & I could wish the fat away but that has yet to happen. And it seems that while I was waiting for my genie I managed to gain about 5 more lbs...as Tracy would say " *woof* ", lol.

The plan is to drive my big butt to the local gym & sign up so I can start losing all of this unwanted chunk. In all reality I'm not looking for a miracle & wanting to lose about 45 lbs, although that would fabulous, nah...I'm just in the market to tighten up some all of this flab & lose about 20 lbs.

All in all it should be doable within the next 6 months as long as I stop scarfing down all that El Pollo Loco, McyD's, Jack In the Box, Pizza, Pasta & donuts. You know, all the good stuff.


I'm SO glad tomorrow's Friday!!


  1. My oldest is dying for that Lego Death Star (or whatever it is, because I'm a lot of things, but a SW nerd isn't among them). He got the Complete Star Wars Lego Visual Dictionary and constantly reminds me of things he'd like that are now listed at the low, low price of $499.95 on eBay.

    I'm a lot more than 45lbs overweight and I can tell you that going to the gym and working out is nice. I always feel good when I'm done...even on the days I'd like to keel over and croak. Good luck battling the bulge!

  2. i'm so exhausted and wonky that i can't even type an appropriate comment. thank god today is friday. seriously. if the week went any longer i'd have to stab someone. and well... that's apparently frowned upon.

    after my visit to KC i need to get on the whole eating healthier wagon. let's do it. you join the gym... i'll start scheduling my walks and runs with the little monster. we got this thing in the bag!

  3. The Lego thing reminds me of my husband...he *loves* Legos and Star Wars, so for Christmas I planned to get him that Death Star at the new Lego store in our local mall. Then I saw the price. Then I bought him an AT-AT instead (hey, at least it walks!).

    Good luck with the weight loss, I've just started trying to lose some myself! Sparkpeople.com is pretty cool (and free, always a plus!)


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