Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm Ready For Some Fun...

I think all my smack talking is finally catching up with me.

I have somehow pissed off the universe...

Karma is laughing her ass off watching me pull my hair out of my head in frustration & anger...
*hope it's funnier from where you're standing cause I'm sure as hell not laughin'!*

I could go through & rant about everything that's been shitty lately but I might just curl up in a corner & rock myself into a comatose state lol. So let's just say it hasn't been all rainbows & sunshine (minus a trip to Sea World on Sat, which I'll post about later).
The worst part is that I currently have no Internet or cable at home. My world is crumbling...crumbling I tell you! And I totally blame the moron Verizon employee who couldn't give me the correct amount that was due on the bill. If she would have told me the correct amount, it would have gotten paid & I wouldn't have had to watch movie re-runs on Rusty's computer last night & I could have been watching the hotness that is Don Draper. Grrr....

No Internet or cable = Me Not Happy

Only thing getting me through this week is knowing I'll be hanging out with some of the most kick ass Orange County bloggers on Friday night at the OC Bloggers Ball. Woot!

I'm a little nervous because I haven't 'officially' met anyone but hopefully I'll be liquored up enough before the party to not care what impression I make ;)


  1. Hope things start looking up soon and your internet and cable get turned back on !

  2. I hope things turn around soon! Have fun at your bloggy party!!


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