Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Demand A Do-Over


There is a lot to be said about yesterday. What should have been my cool, relaxing (extra) day off turned out to be a boiling hot-run around the city shitty day.

My optimistic little plan for the day was to wake up to birds singing outside my window while the sun gently tapped on my eyelids welcoming me into the greatness of the early morning. I would get up, kiss my handsome sound asleep husband good morning & then jump in the shower. After getting dressed Rusty & I would happily take the MIL to a local museum down the street & spend the afternoon relaxing in front of the television while eating bowl after bowl of ice cream. Ah...it was going to be grand!
*record screeching to a halt*

Now for what really happened...

I was up all night because of my tremendously full bladder (I hate you UTI!) & the fact we were at the MIL sleeping on an air mattress. I was woken up at about 10am by Rusty shoving his telephone in my face because my mom decided to leave some of her crap in trunk & needed it stat. Rusty & I then fight over me being a sucker & wanting to take my mom her stuff, he leaves the room, & I cry like a whiney little girl (I hate you UTI & aunt flow!).

My morning tweet...I should really take these 'signs' more seriously. They mean business!

After drying my tears & snot pulling myself together & not wanting to show Rusty or the MIL I was being a big cry baby I gather my clothes & make a run for the bathroom to shower. While I'm toweling off I bend down to dry my ankles & in the process of standing straight up my my head comes in contact with the corner of the damn towel rack (I have the ginormous bump to prove it) & the crying commences.

Rusty & I make up, we decide to skip the museum & head to the lake instead, easy peasy right? (ha ha). The three of us head home where we find that our air conditioner is no longer doing it's job & has up & quite working...whaaa whaaa whaaa.

It's 102 degrees outside so of course its as hot as the devils (insert raunchy body part here) . So, to make a very long & crappy day short, we never made it to the lake, Rusty & I drove around 3 cities trying to find a part for the A/C that we didn't really need & when we finally got home 3 hours later the darn A/C decided to start working (after Rusty gave it a few good kicks, lol).

If my day ever begins as crappy as it did yesterday, I'm definitely only getting up to lock my door & put up a sign that says "Today's going to suck, go away!".


  1. Poor thing. You and I both need to take these signs more seriously. I need a copy of your sign to hang on my door!

  2. Sorry you had such a crappy day. I hope today is much better!!

  3. You need a hug ::hug:: Those days suck and definitely deserve a "get out of today free" card! I seriously consider them worthy of using a sick day!

  4. Oh, poor thing! I'm so sorry!! Hope you're having a better day today!

  5. I'm feeling ya on the 102 degrees. What the heck happened?! August got here and all of a sudden, it was 106 here and my scalp was sizzling!

    Hoping today is much better for you!

    PS: Thanks for following me! I finally have a few minutes to go around and catch up! I'm your newest follower! :O)

  6. Ughh Lovey!!! That's awful! If I ever see your yesterday I'm gonna kick it's ass!

    Hoping the rest of the week doesn't suck!


  7. Aw, that's no fun. No fun at all. But today will be better!

  8. (((HUGS)))

    I hope today is better sweetie!

    My songlist via twitter should be making ya smile....
    something cheesy is on now and I DONT even know the words! LOL



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