Sunday, July 11, 2010


Remember a few weeks ago I posted that I was pretty excited about the MIL visiting? Well...the excitement has since died down & I'm ready for a MIL vacation.

Dont get me wrong, she's great but her delicious (really delicious) homemade meals aren't cutting it. After working 50 hours a week I NEED my two days off to unwind. And, needless to say with her being here, I dont get those two days to do what I want (ie: lounge in my pj's all day & blog).

Within a few hours of getting home on Friday we were packed up & were on our way to the MIL apart
ment for the weekend. The fact that she has absolutely no friends or family closer than 500 miles other than us makes Rusty & I feel selfish & like ass's if we dont hang out with her.

We came home around 3pm from her place today & invited her to hang out at our place since I knew my mom would be here (yes, I'm totally using my mom in order for me to get some time on here) so now they're chit chatting out on the patio while I get some 'me' time for a little bit.

In other news, I'm now on my new thyroid meds & so far I feel great! I haven't been a raging b*tch to the hubs, cried for no reason or glued myself to the bed out of depression in the past 2 days. I'm hoping this will keep up because I seriously like 'chipper' Lin more than 'pissy pants' Lin. Also, the hubs & I had a bit of word scuffle the other night which led us to talking about our relationship & the things th
at are working & not working and we've decided to start a new blog together. I'm still not sure I want to mesh it with this one or even mention the name, so far it's not connected in anyway, due to the fact that's it's definitely going to be issues married adults deal with = R rated. We're hoping it'll help us communicate & understand each other a lot better.

So...I hope you all were productive in some way & enjoyed your weekend...more than I did, ha-ha.


  1. YAY for having the uncomfortable discussion with the hubs. It's not always the most fun to have, but you guys are great for doing so! And I expect the blog link in my email inbox. K thanks.

    Oh and the MIL thing... I'd totally ditch her. HAHAHAHA

  2. I had no idea thyroid issues could do all that! Maybe *that's* what's wrong with me, not depression....something to think about. Now I just have to convince myself to let someone take my blood (probably not gonna happen)!

    If you do start that other blog together, and it's one that you actually kind of want other people to read/give feedback, I'd love to read it!


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