Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Torture By Radio

Due to Rusty still being unemployed he's had the fun-tastic opportunity to spend A LOT of time with his mom while I'm away earning the average big bucks.

Considering he only sees his mom about twice a year, if he's lucky, you'd think he'd be happy but instead he whines & tries to weasel his way out of it. Last week his mom thought it would be a great idea for him to spend the day with her at her apartment...you know to just 'hanging out' like pals, lol.

To say that Rusty was not excited about his mother & son quality time would be an understatement. But nonetheless, he went. She had just picked him up from our house & they were on their way to get In-N-Out for lunch when I get this text message:

Rusty: Help. Me.

Me: ...what?...

Rusty: Listening to soft core praise & worship. Help. Me.

Me: LOL, I'm sorry but your pain just brightened up my day a little! Why didn't you take your ipod?

Rusty: Cause. Did you know that I wont be one of Satan's casualties because he was crucified for me!

Me: Wow...well I'm certainly glad you wont be one of Satan's casualties, that was a big worry of mine. Change that music!

Rusty: I tried to turn it down, she just turns it back up. She's trying to brain wash me!! HELP ME!!!!

Me: ...close your eyes & go to your happy place. It'll be over soon.

Rusty: *crying*

If you haven't guessed it already, the MIL is a raging bible thumper & Rusty is NOT, ha ha. He survived that day but definitely came out of it scarred.

Poor fella'...


  1. HAHAHA! Poor thing!
    This post was so funny!
    Love it!

  2. i am cracking up!
    poor rusty!!!!

  3. and that's why I don't like going to my inlaws.
    They could have an alter call at any minute and I don't wanna have to have my head spin and vomit pea soup!

  4. Eeeek! Are you sure that Rusty isn't my long-lost brother? His mom sounds exactly like MY mom!

  5. Haha, I feel for him! Truly I do, since I live in the good old bible belt. Honestly, I thought someone was gonna take me out back when I made the comment during a discussion at lunch (at work) one day that I "don't see why it's such a problem for gay couples to want the same rights as straight couples. Who is it hurting, really?". Your poor husband. Just tell him to pick his favorite song and hum it over and over in his brain-it helps tone it all out!


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