Sunday, July 25, 2010

Random...It's What I Do

Rusty & I spent another weekend with the MIL...yes, I know...another one. This one wasn't so bad. She has internet & cable (even if it is basic) & she provides us with lot & lots of food. But even with cable, internet & food, the hubs & I still found ourselves bored out of our mind every now & then.

Well...what better thing to do than find random crap on the internet & forward it to each other via twitter when bored! Yep, we're so awesome that even though were sitting 4 feet away from each other we were still using the internet to communicate, ha ha.

Here's a few random photos Rusty sent to me that I thought I'd pass a long to take up some room in your brain...

Rusty doesn't see why the woman should get all the credit. I told him when his time comes I'll thank him for knocking me up with a swift kick instead of a rub, lol.

Ginger discrimination. It's a sad world when we cant embrace the gingers of the world.

Replace that little girl with Rusty & this situation is totally us. I find myself tweeting away about things happening instead of being apart of them. Sorta sad...yet so much fun.

I just thought this was hilarious because I love all things stick figures!
(if you cant read it cause it's tiny click on it)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Let's hope this week fly's by cause even though the weekends' over, I'm ready for another one.


  1. Well, at least you had fun!! :)
    I was working translating some documents for a client. And next weekend, I'll have to work too. Boo. I need vacations!!
    Love the zombie in the last picture!! hahaha


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