Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Playing Nice

These last 4 days have seemed eternal. Normally when I have 4 days off I tend to spend them in bed, watching TV, blogging, eating (lot & lots of eating) &/or shopping. Well...none of that was done this weekend.

I've spent the last 4 days cooking, entertaining, driving to stores I don't want to be at & making endless small talk to fill the silent voids between my MIL & myself. I'm tired people!

I spent Fourth of July at home with family & friends. After all the food was gone Rusty & I stayed the night at the his mom's apartment since she has a spare bedroom & didn't want to spend the night alone. We got to her place around 9pm & we thought for sure the MIL would only be up for a good 1/2 hr after we got there so I'd have time to blog or whatever but we were wrong! I swear she'd snorted coffee grounds before we got there because all she wanted to do was talk and play Wii (something I don't do).

Rusty ended up taking one for the team & played lame Frisbee Golf with his mom so I could sit in the corner & post the last 2 blog-o-versary winners (he's such a champ). However, it's not always easy to post & tweet when you constantly have to be moving around the apartment to find a wireless connection. Yes...yes...I had to resort to temporarily 'borrowing' my MIL neighbors slow Internet connection since she totally dropped the ball on calling the cable company before she moved in.

Then in the middle of this fun filled night the MIL air conditioner decides to up & die, bringing Rusty's sportsmanship along with it (fyi: it eventually started up again). Needless to say my 45 minutes of blogging bliss was cut short.

All in all I had a good time this weekend & I love having the MIL here but I'm tired. It's really quiet sad when you start looking forward to having to go to work just so you can get away, lol. I hope everyone had fun weekend!


  1. I'M CRACKING UP!!! I can totally see you moving all over the place trying to catch an internet connection... AND I'm dying at you looking forward to going to work! Also? You're my new hero. I'd have killed someone, or myself, before now. My MIL and I? Well we're not too good of friends.

  2. Favorite line ever: "I swear she'd snorted coffee grounds before we got there".

    Hi-freaking-larious!! I love it!!

  3. I am *so* sorry you had to deal with all of that!

  4. Oh my. Sounds like an "exciting" time. LOL. And yes, I would imagine snorting coffee grounds would make one very...um....enthusiastic.

    Visiting from SITS.


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