Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mel Gibson Replaces Jon Gosselin In #1 D-Bag Spot

I wasn't going to feed the fire by joining in on this craziness but I cant just let it go. I have to say it...Mel Gibson has lost his effing mind!

Yup, I said it & we ALL know it. Whatever hotness he might have been in Mad Max (duuude he was a hottie) or the greatness he once had as an actor (ie; Braveheart) has been completely wiped away as far as I'm concerned. This dude is freaking nuts...

(rocking the hotness)

It was bad when he insulted most of us by making that crap movie, The Passion of the Christ, it was even worse when he insulted the Jews while being arrested but I think he took the cake in these newly released recordings.

(Wouldn't touch it with a 20 ft pole)

Not only does he use derogatory terms towards his ex girlfriend/child's' mother but he also uses the 'N' word, says 'wet-back' and curses more than a sailor in a wh*re house. Poor Mel...I don't know if society's ever going to forgive you this one but you can bet that you're career is pretty much done, not that it was very much alive or anything...it's been more like on life support the past couple of years. But you can be positive that you've made it to the top of all of our douche-bag of the year lists.

If you haven't heard the recordings yet you can click here & here.
Just know that if your ears aren't used to foul & crude language they might start to bleed afterwards. You've been warned.


  1. There is an award for you on my blog.


  2. OMG I heard it this morning on Mark & Brian. {do you listen to them?} They played the full 8 minutes of it. I was so disgusted. First he completely belittles and just shits all over the mother of his child and then he takes it to the next level! How would he feel if someone was treating his daughter this way once she is older!? Not that I would EVER hope that someone does this to her!!! UGHHHH!!!!

  3. Is belittling your spouse a no-no? Because L and I totally take part in this all the time. For example, when he tells me that he's not going to take out the trash, I call him a stupid Polock that sucks at life. And he'll reply with, "You're acting like a bitch" ... but since I am a bitch all the time, I really don't take offense to it. I actually put 'bitch' in the pet name category. And punching? Doesn't he know to use a bag of oranges or a phonebook? Hello, we live in the age of Google, Mel. Never leaves a mark on L, never.


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