Friday, July 16, 2010

Fill In The Blank Friday

It's that time again...

1. A very nostalgic place that reminds me of being a kid is Knotts Berry Farm. My parents thought Disneyland was overrated (& overly expensive) so we'd always take our family theme park trips to Knotts instead. Now when I visit as an adult I find that certain areas of the park remind me of all the fun times I had there with my brothers & parents as a child.

2. If someone really wants to show me how much they love me they should spend quality time with me. I love it when Rusty & I both lay in bed and read our books while snuggling next to each other. We dont have to say a word to know that we love eachother.

3. Lately I've been wondering a lot about having a baby. I'm scared as hell of the thought of having a human growing in me but the want of having a little person that is a genetic mixture of Rusty & I is really starting to weigh out the fear.

4. When it comes to saving money I am horrible at it. If I know I have money in the bank, I'll spend it. The longest I've ever saved money for is about 7 months & that's only because I had it in a locked account, lol. I need help!

5. I'd prefer jeans & Converse over a dress & heels any day!

6. I wish I knew how to make the pancakes my MIL made for breakfast last Saturday. This woman is a food goddess! She adds her own special ingredients to regular batter & then makes her own syrup using fresh strawberries (or any berries you prefer). They. Were. Heaven.

7. I'm just waiting for it to be 1pm so I can get the heck outta this office & go shopping. I need to find something cute to wear to my lil bro Seth's 17th bday party tomorrow.

Now it's your turn to play along...simply copy the questions & answer them on your blog. When you're all done entering your answers, link up at The Little Things We Do so other bloggers can scope our your answers. It's fun!


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  1. Eeek!

    Have you ever read Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace"? Perhaps he can inspire you to save. It worked for me.



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