Thursday, July 15, 2010

CrazyDog & NachoMama T-Shirt Review

I was generously given the opportunity to review a t-shirt from both CrazyDog T-shirts & NachoMama T-shirts a few weeks ago. Now I don't know if any of you ever knew this but NachoMama is actually the sister company to CrazyDog so not only do both stores have a ginormous selection to choose from but if it so happens that one is out of your size, the other store will most likely have it in stock for you...perfect!

I had heard about these two companies from other bloggers and also came across their websites on many occasions when looking for a novelty tee for Rusty & always thought they had some of the coolest shirts. If you're a fan of t-shirts you should probably take a few minutes & check out their huge inventory.

Rusty & I spent about an hour going through their website trying to narrow it down to one t-shirt for each of us, lol.

I ended up picking this t-shirt from CrazyDog T-Shirts:

(it's sooo cool, it glows in the dark he he)

And Rusty went with this one from NachoMama T-Shirts:

We were so happy when we received our t-shirts within 3 days of picking them out (great customer service!). I was really glad to find that both of our t-shirts were made with really soft cotton & weren't rough or stiff at all so they were super duper comfortable. The only piece of advice is, order your shirt one size larger than what you wear. I mean, it might just be that Rusty & I have been over indulging on the buckets of ice cream but they seemed to be a bit snug, ha ha. All in all though, I loved my t-shirt & Rusty really really liked his because he's a Shaun of the Dead fan, big time.

So if you're in the market for some new t-shirts check out both CrazyDog & NachoMama because they carry the best 80's t-shirts (CD / NM), Movie t-shirts (CD / NM), Funny t-shirts (CD / NM), Halloween t-shirts (CD / NM), Video Game t-shirts (for nerds like Rusty), Offensive t-shirts (hilarious!) and much much more!

Also...CrazyDog & NachoMama don't just limit their t-shirts to men & woman, nope. They also make t-shirts for kids & dogs and have this really fun section called geek gifts/toys and don't forget to check out their $9 t-shirts & or ask about their custom shirts.

Click here to read the cool story as to how CrazyDog T-Shirts came to be.

(Disclaimer: I was provided with the above mentioned items by CrazyDog & NachoMama in order to review them. I was not monetarily compensated for this review & all of the views/opinions in this post are my own.)


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