Thursday, July 29, 2010

Celebrity Dish...Why Yes, I'll Have Some (2)

Celebrity gossip has been pretty slow lately. I guess after hearing all of the Mel Gibson recordings we're all pretty effing desensitized & now everything seems mild in caparison, lol.

But non the less there is still some stuff going on around tinsel town & I'm here to give you a taste of it...

If you've been living under a rock & haven't heard the sad sad news...Steve Carrell is leaving The Office. Yes, you read that correctly, this season (season 7) will be his last. The writers are supposedly writing a great way for him to exit the show without killing it & have said that the little lady up there in the photo with him, (yes, his love interest Holly) will be returning this season. I'm sad he's leaving but he has truly gotten bigger than the show.

Christina Applegate is pregnant with her first child! Congrats to her & her Dutch bass player fiancé, Martyn Lenoble.

Looks like someone got tired of being called chunky butt because Drew Carey lost around 70 lbs recently. Personally I liked him better chubby, now he looks saggy & older. Either way, more power to him for being able to loose the chunk!

These two are...oh what a joke! Linda Hogan didn't do enough parenting with her own two kids so she's taking this 21 yr old (Charlie Hill) in...as a husband. Yep, these to schmucks are gettin' hitched! I bet the Hulk is praising baby Jesus cause once she ties the knot to this dude he can stop forking over those alimony checks, ha ha. Oh...and fyi, they're planning on getting married on Linda's yacht which is ironically named Alimony *knee slap*

Ok, you caught me...there's no news on Michael C. Hall other than he's out & about, cancer free & hot as hell. This photo was merely thrown in for my enjoyment (don't tell Rusty). I cant wait for the new season of Dexter ! (premiers Sept. 26 @9pm on SHO)

And while we're on the fabulous subject of TV shows, Season 6 of Weeds premieres August 16 @10pm on SHO (woo-hoo!). If you haven't seen this show, you pretty much suck & should get right on that.


  1. I can't wait for the new season of Weeds!

  2. haha I've never seen weeds :)
    This is an interesting post!
    Love it!

  3. I have to share this with you, because I saw it yesterday on CNN of all places and couldn't believe it. Apparently, there's some company that was so inspired by Robert Pattinson that they are making a line of underwear called "R-Pant". Yes, I'm serious. They're supposed to be slim fit, for all those skinny jeans guys wear. Really? Ugh. Here's the link, just in case it's too much to take in and you need to verify that later:


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