Thursday, July 1, 2010

Alternative ABC's Book Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review Alternative ABC's, a new children's book that was just published in June by Ammo Books. And, because I have no kiddos of my own I borrowed my adorable 4 year old god-daughter, S, to help me with this review.
When I told her I had a new book for her I think she was expecting some sort of fluffy bunny book (which is so not her) but when she set her eyes on the book in front of her, her little eyes popped wide open & said "wow...that's SO cool!"

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Alternative ABC's is a board book for hipster, urban parents and their cool little youngsters. I really liked the fact that the book wasn't very large (6"x6") and only weighs about a pound so it made it easy for S to tote around with her everywhere she went (which she did). The book is perfect for parents who want to expose their kids to the ABC's but are bored with the same old drab colored ABC books out there.

When I asked S if she was happy with her new ABC book she stated she was "super happy" with it & couldn't wait to start Pre-school so she could show her teacher that she knew all her ABC's because of this book. I then asked her if she would be showing it off to her new school friends & shes told me "Noooo. The book stays at home cause I don't want them to copy me & go buy it. It's only my special cool book." When I was finally able to get it away from her she chased me down & had me sit with her while she drew her ABC's from the images in the book.

Alternative ABC's is definitely not your run of the mill soccer mom book. It's fun, edgy, hip and is filled with vibrant colors and new age art that's sure to grab your & your child's' attention. Borrowing aesthetics from street, skate, and music subcultures, the custom designs & typography beautifully spell out a very unique alphabet. From Calligraffiti to Pin-Striping, and from Goth to Punk, this little book crosses genres.

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I believe S loved it so much due to the fact that she's exposed to a lot of the art & drawings which are in the book, in her daily life. For instance, the book has a page that reads "M is for Mohawk" & shows a character with a Mohawk hair cut, the same hair cut her 11 year old brother is currently sporting. She also recognized the G page with read "G is for Graffiti", since my younger bro Seth has a graffiti art book he draws in daily & "I for Ink" because her dad, Rusty, & I all have tattoos.

Personally, I think it's a fun & fantastic book for the new generation of kiddos & they're punk rock parents. If I had a child, I'd buy it for sure! Also, don't think that just because this is an ABC book that it's only for younger children...nope. Once S's 11 year old brother took a look at the book, he immediately asked me if I could buy him one as well, since he loved the art A LOT, lol.

About the authors:

Alternative ABC's is written & designed by Southern California-based designers Dave Parmley & Eric Ruffing of 13THFLOOR, they create cutting edge graphic designs. With early roots in Santa Cruz, creating iconic surf graphics, the duo's identifiable style resonates with youth and alternative cultures.

Where to purchase this book:

Alternative ABC's can be purchased on Amazon.com (here) or at Ammobooks.com (here).

(Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of Alternative ABC's from Ammo Books in order to review it. I was not monetarily compensated for this post & all view and opinions in this post are mine.)

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