Monday, June 28, 2010

What A Pain In The Neck

I woke up with the worst freakin' kink in my neck this morning. I actually had it yesterday too & I thought it had worked itself out but nope...the little sh*t is still around, with a vengeance.

So...you'd think getting back into the groove of blogging after 12 days of giveaways would be easy (well I did anyway) but I'm finding that my thoughts are totally scattered & random and I have no clue as to what order to put them in.

This weekend was boring as heck. Not the like 'omg...I'm so bored' but more like 'wow, I didn't do anything this weekend but stay home...boring'. However, I cant blame that on anyone other than my retarded body cause it turns out that my thyroid levels are pretty low (versus them being really high 4 months ago before radiation) so I'm left feeling really melancholy & tired. I so do not like this feeling.

I'm not normally over the top sort of giggly happy but I like to think I'm moderately happy most of the time, you know when I'm not being a b*tch & all, but this 'I don't want to do anything & everything is lame' attitude is bringing back early high school memories. I feel totally Emo.

The doc says I should get back to normal in about a week since he lowered my meds but if I'm not (I hate that there's an "if") then I have to stop taking these meds for a full week & then start a new one. That's like 3 weeks of Emo-ism...ugh.

I think my sucky attitude has taken it's toll on Rusty cause he's brought up the idea of me switching meds now instead of waiting 3 weeks. I'm afraid he'll soon be shoving them into my mouth instead of hinting at the idea if I keep this up, haha.

Oh...on a somewhat happy note, Rusty's mom has taken a traveling nurse position in our area for 8 weeks so she'll be living 20 minutes away for the next 2 months. She'll be here in about 2 days & is super sweet & minds her own business (something I wish my mom would do) but I'm a little worried that even though I'm excited about it now, I wont be in about 2 weeks when all she wants to do is hang out & all I want to do is watch tv & blog.

Yes, I'm that boring guys...especially right now.


  1. I know how you feel (well, sort of). My meds are supposed to keep me moderately happy, but then they make me sleepy. So, I switch and wind up in the hospital. Then back to original meds + another for the sleepiness. Crabby, crabby me. It's probably a good thing my husband works opposite times from me so he doesn't have to deal with me :)

    And the kink in the neck-try getting your husband to put a ton of pressure in the spot between your neck and your shoulder, almost like he's pinching the whole area. It'll hurt like holy hell while he's doing it, but usually that's where my worst neck kinks live and that makes it feel a little better (after the initial OMG you're gonna kill me moment, anyway :) )

  2. Good Morning! You were above me in SITS today =) I too am not feeling myself. In fact someone told me yesterday to have my thyroid levels checked. So I'm taking this a a ign =)

    Hope you feel better!


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