Monday, June 7, 2010

Watch Out Cowboys, It's A Weekend Roundup

I can actually, with all honesty, say that I had a pretty relaxed & enjoyable weekend. This hasn't happened in quiet a while, or maybe it has & I just have a really bad memory.

Either way Friday was good. I worked 6.5 hours of OT (I love you extra $ in my bank account), went home semi-early & finally went out to dinner with the hubs. We went to Red Lobster & luckily got there early enough to beat the dinner rush. The food was good, our waitress sorta sucked but I had left overs so I was happy camper. So yeah...all in all a pretty cool day. Well, with the exception of being racially profiled.

No joke guys...Riverside County might very well be the new Arizona & I might be moving soon if it gets any worse. Rusty & I were about a block from Red Lobster when we notice there's a DUI check point (they happen a lot in Riverside County). Well long story short, it appeared that law enforcement* was waiving by everyone with "very" light skin color & stopping everyone who had a "tan", including me. I might be wrong but to be on the safe side I think I should start carrying a copy of my birth certificate or I might end up like Rudy from Born In East LA, lol.

On Saturday I finally got around to washing some of the dirty laundry we had spewed in our bathroom. Thank goodness Rusty separated it for me beforehand or else it probably would have stayed there for another 3 weeks. Gross I know. I also spent most of the day in & out of stores, spending some of my Cancun money (bummer, I'm no good at saving $). The good news is I finally found a pair of shorts that fit correctly & are longer than my underpants (I love you Target!). I don't know what is going on with some of the clothing now a days...it's like the company is afraid of running out of fabric or something, sheesh.

Sunday was pretty laid back, we rented some movies & watched them most of the day. The bonus to this weekend was my mom giving me a $100, woot! She called me around 10am to tell me that she had just won $4,000 at the Casino. My first thought was "Awesome, bring me some breakfast" & the second was "it's 10am, what are you doing at a Casino?". She & my dad are casino freaks so in reality it didn't surprise me all that much that they were there, ha ha.

On a slightly different note, Rusty's trying (& it's sorta working) to talk me into buying a huge flat sceen TV with our Cancun fund. He thinks it would be a better idea to not have to squint while watching TV than lounge on the beach. I'm sorta torn. I love the beach but I would LOVE to have a huge flat screen since TV is my bff.

*sigh* I guess we could just get a new flat screen (our current one tv is a tiny 24 inches...*insert your laughter here*) & just travel within the US or CA...??

And because I was too lazy to look for any cute pictures to go with this post I leave you this funny little comic:

*I have nothing against law enforcement, I know they're just doing their job & following orders. I'm not knocking 'em...my bro is a cop. Me & the Po-Po even have lunch sometimes...

UPDATE: We bought a TV! We went to the store & a 42" beautiful flat screen was on SALE. Guess it's gonna be traveling in the fantastic USA :)

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    Also, poopoo to the po-po's for the whole brown skin thing. Gotta love and hate cops all the same! ha!

    I vote going up to Santa Barbara!! It's beautiful, relaxing, and not as hot as the inland empire! hahaha


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