Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summertime Fun Or Torture?


I remember the good old days, back when you attended school for 9 months out of the year & then got a nice ol' summer vacation for about 3 months. Those were the days...

Summer vacations were the bee's knees even though I never did anything cool like go away to summer camp or take a trip out of the country for a couple of weeks (I didn't really know anyone who did this stuff but it still seemed like I was the only one NOT doing it).

My families big summer excursion was my parents taking my two younger brothers & I to Las Vegas (what do you mean this place isn't kid friendly? They have arcades don't they?) for about a week. A wonderful week that consisted of me watching over my 2 younger brothers while we all sat in a casino hallway waiting for my parents to get their slot machine fix & then finally take us to Circus Circus for a couple of hours (you know, the place with all the damn clowns. The clowns that I'm deathly afraid of.) Yup...fun times*.

For years my parents thought it was the grandest of ideas to take us to Sin City & invite half of the extended family along. And, to be honest it wouldn't have been so bad if everyone had their own rooms. We literally had 8 people sleeping throughout one regular sized room one year, ghetto style...that's how we rolled.

It was hell!

Which of course only means one thing...my future kids will have to go through it too, lol.


Happy Wednesday! And wish me luck, the M-I-L arrives today.

(*It actually wasn't all bad. Because of those summer vacations, Las Vegas is now one of my favorite places to vacation & it taught me to never ever share a room with more people than there are beds.)

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  1. Sound like fun:)
    My parents used to pack me and my older brother in the car and drive somewhere in Denmark, when it seemed that everyone else went to Italy, France or Spain... Finally when I was 10 we got to go outside Denmark, we went to Sweden! And my mum brought food to last the whole week, because Sweden was SO expensive! But I loved those vacations too!


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