Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Brain Has Quit On Me

I think as bloggers we all go through it at some point so most of you will know what I mean when I say that I have wanted to write but can't. It's not that I don't have things to write about, I do, but for some reason all the ideas fly write outta my brain when I sit in front of this word machine.

It's driving me nuts! Seriously guys it's gotten to the point where I have put a handheld voice recorder next to my bed in case I come up with things to write about at random times, lol. Has it worked? Na-uh.

The other day I sat in front of my laptop for about an hour just typing away & none of it made sense so I hit the delete key. My brain is not my friend right now. When I asked Rusty to help me come up with things to write about because I had blogger block he looked at me & said "why not just write about having bloggers block?", haha. So that's what I'm doing...

As I've mentioned before I will be hosting a Blogiversary event this month, well with this fabulous giveaway event come lots of fabulous posts I MUST write. I've completed 1. That is definitely not bueno since I need about 13 of them. I need inspiration...or a vacation.

Oh, speaking of vacations I have contacted a travel agent about getting me some prices for a Mexico vacaciĆ³n for 2011. I'm totally excited about this & I'm hoping the prices will be reasonable. Rusty & I never had a honeymoon so the thought of finally having a romantic getaway with my hubs after 4 yrs of marriage is definitely putting a smile on my face.

And since I've been working lots of overtime lately, I figured the money could either sit in our savings account, pay for my IPad or take us on vacation & the vacation definitely outweighed the IPad. To be honest, I'm no good at saving money so it being in my savings account wouldn't have lasted more than 3 days, lol.

I think maybe I'll take another stab at writing some advanced blogiversary posts tonight. Hopefully this time I wont fall asleep before starting the third sentence, ha ha. BTW, if you have any tips as to how to get rid of writers block please feel free to let me know.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh gosh I wish I knew how to rid bloggers block. I'm stuck in the midst of it and have been for months now! It blows!!!!!!

    YAY for vacation!!

  2. I know exactly what you mean, honey! It's amazing that I can still come up with fresh things. Luckily, more than half the time I will have something to write about, but like any other writer I can empathize with this roadblock. Writing can be tough crap sometimes. Lol.

  3. I go through the same thing myself sometimes. It just works itself out. Don't worry about it. :o)

    The vacation sounds fun!!! Jealous.

  4. Girl, totally feel you on this! I swear it seems lately I have nothing.

    But when you do have something? It will be FABULOUS!


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