Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Much Needed New Look

In case you haven't taken notice, things have changed around these blog parts. And for the better I think.

Yep...I finally got a blog makeover. I love it & have Tessica to thank for it.

Tessica is a high school teacher & blogger who I've been reading for the last 6 months or so & a couple of months ago Tessica posted about her new blog look & how she had designed it herself & was thinking about turning it into a business (Bird On A Branch Designs). So, I left her a comment saying what a FAB job she'd done on her blog & that she'd for sure get tons of business.

Well, being that freakin' sweet-tart that she is she offered to re-do my blog for free. At first I was like 'oh no...I could never let her do it for free' but then the real me crept forward & was like 'Hell Yeah!', lol.

I thought for sure she was going to need a month or two to design it but once we got all the details (colors, font, schemes, patterns) outta the way she sent it to me within a week or so. For only having answered a few simple questions on the questionnaire she sent me she sure designed it to totally represent who I am.

My favorite part of the layout is the tabs under my header. The fact that they look like little file folders is adorable because I work in an office, lol. I don't actually know if she designed it like that on purpose but I love it non the less!

So if any of you are looking into or thinking about re-doing your blog layout/background or just need a button/page tabs/header made I suggest you contact her. Tessica is super easy to work with, responds to e-mails really quickly & wont yell at you when you don't like a certain something in the design or decide you're going to make a change at the last minute (all of which I've done, lol).

She's also willing to install all html for you if you are willing to change your password for an hour or so, so that she can set it up for you & you wont have to deal with all that html gibberish. Or if you prefer to do it yourself she'll send you really dumbed down directions on how to install it yourself. I have never touched my html coding but was able to install everything on my own (yay me) due to her instructions.

The dilio on her prices:
  • Her designs are really inexpensive but some prices will depend on how many items she'll be designing for you.
  • A FULL blog design will be between $50-$75
  • Buttons, headers, and page tabs will each be $15

If you have any questions shoot her an email :)


  1. I looove it! And that's awesome bc my designer isn't going to be designing anymore...waaah!

    Love the new makeover!!

  2. I love the colors and tabs too! Tessica did a great job!

  3. Your new design is so pretty! :)

  4. Maybe it's just my blog, but your blog background is skewed to the right, so your text is half on, half off. I have to make your text really, really small for it to be on :(

  5. And a very swish new look it is too. XX


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