Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Favorite Movie Tuesday

I don't know if you'd classify this movie under horror or not but I would definitely label it Gorey.

This week's favorite movie is:

(I never noticed it's the woman's' bodies making the skull in the poster. I love it!)

The Descent premiered in 2005 and even though the plot takes place in the US, none of the movie was actually filmed here. In actuality, 90% of the movie is set in a cave & none of the filming was actually shot in a cave. They had a set designer design the entire thing (it looks completely real), I thought that was pretty awesome!

So, like always, this is a movie Rusty wanted to see in theaters but we never got around to seeing until it came out on DVD. When we rented it we didn't really expect much of it because it hadn't made a lot of money at the box office & most of the cast was foreign (aka: foreign film with an ending that doesn't make sense).

The beginning of the movie is a little slow, you get introduced to the characters & you get a bit of background on them. All in all it's not a horribly boring opening, it's a great character set up. By the time the girls get to the cave & you find out that it's not the cave they're even supposed to be at (they were tricked by one of the other girls), you know stuffs going to go wrong.

If you're claustrophobic, scared of the dark or hate caves this is probably not the best movie for you to see cause the director wanted to show you (and does a fantastic job) all the things that could go wrong in a cave, IE: drowning, claustrophobia, darkness, hallucinations and that when you think things couldn't get any worse...it does.

Considering the fact that I had & still have not seen any of the cast member in anything other than this movie they pull it off really well. I was expecting cheesy acting, awkward stares at cameramen lol, but there was none of that. It was a good movie & highly recommend it to those of you who are into gore/horror movies & aren't afraid of seeing a lot some blood.

Movie Summary:

The film follows a group of women (Sarah, Juno, Beth, Rebecca, Sam & Holly) who embark on a caving expedition and become trapped underground. When a group of humanoid creatures begin attacking the women, they struggle to survive and to escape the cave.

Movie Trailer:

Movie Trivia:

  • The cast members were taken to a rock-climbing center in Derbyshire to help prepare them for filming.
  • This film's poster art is borrowed from a portrait photograph by Philippe Halsman of Salvador DalĂ­, entitled Salvador Dali In Voluptate Mors. (The photo itself was inspired by surrealist Dali's gouache Female Bodies as a Skull painting) This same imagery was also used for the poster for The Silence of the Lambs (1991).
  • Among the bones that Sarah falls into is a wolf's head which came from one of the werewolves from Neil Marshall's previous film Dog Soldiers (2002).
  • According to the audio commentary on the special edition DVD, there was a exact replica made of Nora-Jane Noone and after the movie was finished, she got to keep the head of the doll and put it in her mother's freezer as a joke.
  • As stated in cast commentary on the Special Edition DVD, Shauna Macdonald, Natalie Mendoza, and Alex Reid did the entire white water rafting sequence on their own without any stunt doubles or special effects.
  • The jokey production name given during filming was "Chicks with Picks".
  • The Danish title for the movie is "Descent into hell".
  • The split second shot of a crawler's silhouette before they are encountered for the first time was shot without any of the actresses realizing he was there.
  • Except for Sarah's husband, and some non speaking extras in the hospital scene, no men appear the film.
  • The appearance of the creatures was kept secret from the cast members until the first scene in which they encounter them was filmed. When the cast were finally filming the scene where the girls encounter the crawlers, the girls were genuinely scared and screamed the building down, running off set and laughing.
  • The American version of the film has a minute cut from the ending. The ending was trimmed due to American viewers not liking it's "uber-hopeless finale".


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