Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sunglass Warehouse Review

Summertime & sunglasses definitely go hand in hand.

I've never been one to spend much money on sunglasses. I'm cheap & loose them way too easily so I don't even bother buying 'name brand'. My brother Joe on the other hand has been known to purchase 'name brand' sunglasses for hundreds of dollars...a total waste in my opinion. Instead I prefer to go cheap & stylish.

That's where Sunglass Warehouse comes in. Sunglass Warehouse has a large variety of sunglasses at very affordable prices, no joke! You can find
women’s sunglasses, men’s sunglasses, kids' sunglasses and celebrity-like sunglasses. Not sure what kind of sunglasses to buy? Check out the helpful pages on how to choose sunglasses by skin tone or by face shape.

Sunglass Warehouse was cool enough to provide me with a pair of sunglasses of my choice for a review. And, after looking through their large selection I decided on the Retro Style Cat Eye sunglasses in Black (also come in Tortoise Brown & Red).

I received my glasses within a week of placing my order & they arrived nicely & safely packaged. Not only are these glasses super cute, light & comfortable but they're also inexpensive. The suggested retail price is $14.95 but are currently on sale for $12.71. Yep, $12.71 for these sunglasses. Insane right? Well all of their glasses are priced like this & they're all as stylish.

My favorite thing about these sunglasses
are the lenses. I've never had sunglasses that have lenses that are darker on top & lighter on the bottom (you can somewhat see it in the photo). I love that they don't make everything super dark & I can still distinguish colors, haha.
Right now Sunglass Warehouse is giving you FREE shipping on all orders over $25, so don’t hesitate and order a pair (or two) today! With 100% satisfaction guaranteed, what do you have to lose? All women’s glasses on the site right now are under $20, you can’t beat that price for a good quality pair of sunglasses.

You can find Sunglass Warehouse on Facebook too.

(Disclaimer: I was provided with a pair of sunglasses of my choice in order to review them. The opinions & views expressed in this post are all mine.)


  1. I have never spent more than $20 on a pair of sunglasses. I always end up scratching them beyond repair, sitting on them, or throwing them in my bag where they get broken. When it's time to replace the 2 pairs I have, I will definitely have to try the website.

  2. I'm the same way - I'm constantly breaking, scratching, or leaving them somewhere. If I bought expensive ones I probably wouldn't take better care of them, I'd just feel worse when I killed them :( I also tend to lose them, buy new ones, then find them...so I think I have 3 pairs right now! :) I'll definitely have to check SW out when I break all the ones I have now!

  3. I just bought an expensive pair of prescription sunglasses. I love them for when I travel distances, but for in town driving...not so much. I am headed over to SW now to see if I can find a pair for everyday use. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. I'll have to check that out next time I need a pair...I am notorious for untimely sunglasses demise. I have a pair now I paid about $22 for, and I almost had a panic attack over that price! I'm so lame :)


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