Monday, May 17, 2010

Relaxing Weekend & Future Blogiversary Giveaways...

This weekend was good. Friday started out a little bit rough...I hate you 12 hour work day but I love the money you bring me! Yes, you read that correctly, I worked a 12 hour day (a total of 52 hours last week). The funny thing is that the day just sort of flew by, not normal at all. I wish I could say I have some grand mini vacation planned with my overtime money but I cant. All of this moola is going straight to the Dentist.

Not only does this man get the hubs teeth but he also get my money...go figure, lol. Rusty has to have a tooth extracted & I need a deep cleaning so that means 'goodbye overtime money & goodbye IPad'. I supposed Rusty not being in pain anymore & me having nice pearly whites will have to be enough to make me happy for awhile. Maybe I'll just go smile at myself in the mirror every time I think about my overtime money, haha.

My parents went out of town for the weekend so they left my lil bro Seth with Rusty & I. He & his bff Evan hung out & went brain dead in front of the TV playing XBox all weekend so we finally decided it was time for them to get out of the house on Sunday. We took a trip down to the lake and as hot as it was, it was really nice. Laying on the grass reading & listening to nothing but birds & hawks flying above us was so peaceful & it was definitely what I needed to help me get my head straight. It was nice to escape reality for just a few hours.


Moving on...I have some funtastic bloggy news:

I'm going to be hosting some (6 so far) giveaways in honor of my 1 Year Blogiversary starting June 14!

I already wanted to host a giveaway in honor of having this blog up for a year but was unsure what it would be. Then it dawned on me *light bulb* that I could have like 5 days of giveaways for you guys instead of just 1...so I started contacting some lovely Etsy stores in hopes that they'd be interested in being featured & hosting a giveaway.

To be honest I was totally set for rejection (I'm talking about being stood up by your prom date rejection) but luckily most of them have said yes! I'm really excited & hope all you guys participate in the great giveaways to come because there's going to be a lot of fabulous items from some fabulous Etsy stores.

So be sure to stop by every now & then cause I'm in the process of having a button made (by my bloggy bud Tessica) to help promote my 1 Yr Blogiversary in June. And, I'm thinking I'll give extra special giveaway entry points to the people who decide to sport the button on their blog before & during the giveaways...cause who wouldn't like 'extra special' ways to win awesome stuff?


  1. WoooHooo! Love giveaways..;) Glad you got to relax..and just recently having my wisdom teeth removed Rusty will feel so much better after having his tooth extracted. :)

  2. YESSSSS for giveaways!! I jsut emailed the Etsy seller I was telling you about... right now she's "away" since her brother is really sick. But sounds like you have some awesome etsy sellers who'll do great!

    YAY for OT boooooo for being tired!

  3. Your weekend sounds so nice!!! I'm glad you have the resources to pay for the dentist, at least!

    Congrats on your one year! Looking forward to the Etsy goodies!

  4. your weekend sounds great! I am excited for your giveaway :)

  5. Gorgeous picture!

    Ugh. Wisdom teeth. Sucks. : /

    Giveaways? YAY. Good job marketing, or whatever you would call the successful contact of willing Etsy participants. Marketing, right?

    If it's any consolation (and it's probably not) I've heard to never buy a 1st generation apple product. I do want the iPad, though. I won't be getting it because I have no business getting one, but I still want it. :p

  6. Sorry bout the dentist...but...I can't wait to hear what the giveaways are!!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's for Dinner


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