Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm Getting Fat Just Looking At This

I was surfing the net & came across an article that mentioned a book titled This Is Why You're Fat: Where Dreams Become Heart Attacks...and of course I just had to click on the link.

I so wish I hadn't.

I'm not knocking anyone who eats this stuff, I'm a lover of all things meat, but damn this stuff is making me gag. I can't even imagine eating this stuff but I know some people have cause they're not just making it for kicks.

(Calskgrove: Hamburger & fries baked whole inside a calzone.)

(Lemonhead Bread: Bread made with lemonheads instead of raisins.)

(The Sweaty Cowboy: Fried SPAM, peanut butter, bacon, & cheddar cheese inside of a twinkie.)

(The Plowboy: Ham, scrambled eggs & onions over a bed of homefries topped w/sausage gravy, bacon, Cheddar & jack cheese.)

(Bacon Wrapped Burrito Log: Taco Bell cheesy burritos stuffed inside a sausage log wrapped in bacon.)

So, are you arteries clogged from looking at these cause sure mine are.


  1. I know my eating habits aren't always the best, but this just made me realise that I eat pretty healthy compared to this. That is just plain disgusting, I can see why it would make you gag...

  2. I was already nauseated before seeing this... now I feel like I could really yak!!! GROSS!!!

    Hope you are doing well! Haven't chatted in awhile! :)

  3. Those are some of the grossest things I've ever seen. Seriously, people must be totally clueless to eat that stuff!! Not even on vacation could I bring myself to consume those (and everyone knows vacation calories don't count!).

    P.S. got the flower mold when we got back yesterday, it's fabulous!

  4. Ach! I totally just hurled.. Okay, not really. But ALMOST! Yuck!

  5. So gross!!!! . . . except that I love Taco Bell. But definitely not in a sausage log or with bacon. Makes me think twice about my Taco Bell love.

  6. I think I eat very well after looking at these pictures :D :D I am fat but not coz I eat such unhealthy food :D


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