Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm Awesome & I Have An Award To Prove It

Last night was the employee banquet for work & I was officially given my awesome Employee of the Year Award. I was on cloud nine for all of 45 seconds.

They had me go up on a huge stage to be presented with it, in front of almost 600 people. I totally know what Miss America feels like now! It's seriously a mixture of wanting to hyperventilate (cause I don't like large crowds), throw up (cause I hate large crowds) & reminding yourself not to eat sh*t walking out to the stage (because there's a large crowd). All in all it was pretty awesome & I love being able to gloat about it. Given it's only for the next year or so cause then they choose someone else to be awesome *shrug*.

Rusty suggested I put my award (which is pretend glass) on a huge chain & sport it around like Flava Flav, lol. I think I'll just opt for putting it on top of my file cabinet at work for now....or until I find the perfect gold chain.

In other news...I'd like to remind all of you out there to not speed when driving, not to run red lights, make a FULL stop at every red light & stop sign & basically just follow the rules of the road. Why do I sound like a good driver commercial? Well I just found out that if you happen to get a ticket & hit your dad's car while backing out of the driveway (I'm sure this is pretty common) you're insurance company will tear you a new one by raising the price of your insurance!

Being the scatterbrain that I am I neglected to pay my car insurance for a month & it cancelled on me so when I went to restart it they found out about my *tiny* driving indiscretions. Thinking back, the smart thing to have done is borrow the money from a loan shark or prosteflute Rusty in order to pay it cause now I'm stuck paying double what I used to pay every year. Say it with me...YIKES!

So, seriously people, drive smart out there. If anything, do it for the money you'll be saving yourself. It hurts to have to pay almost $300 a month for car insurance on one car.

*sad face* Good bye IPad. I'm sure we'll be together in the year 2012, when my rates get lowered & my driving points go bye bye.


  1. Yay!--for the award. Now you can really show work just how awesome you are.

    Boo!--on the insurance rates. Yikes!

  2. Congrats on the award! The only way it would have been cooler is if you got that picture of Chuck Norris instead of a glass thingy. :-D

    Ummm... holy crapballs about your insurance. Seriously. That's robbery. Stupid insurance companies!


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