Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Favorite Movie Tuesday

I've seen this movie tons of times & every time I see it I laugh even harder. This weeks' favorite movie is...

Saving Silverman came out in 2001 & stars Steve Zahn (Wayne), Jack Black (JD), Jason Biggs (Darren), Amanda Peet (Judith) and Amanda Detmer (Sandy). To be honest I thought this movie was SO stupid when I first watched it but, like SO many others, has grown on me after watching it a ton of times.

I love all the stupid comedy in it, the fact that Wayne, JD & Darren (AKA: Diamonds In The Rough) dress up in their flashy/shiny shirts to sing Neil Diamond songs out in public while wearing Neil Diamond wiggs...hilarity!

This movie definitely has it's 'stupid' moments but it's great if you're looking for a mind numbing comedy. Amanda Peet (who's a super hottie) plays the role of the b*tchy over controlling fiancee perfectly. The guys are funny as heck & Amanda Detmer does great as the sweet girl next door type. My favorite part of the movie has to be when Wayne & JD go to kidnap Judith & everything goes wrong. Judith ends up knowing all sort of MMA moves & they get the crap beat outta them & have to chase her down. Seriously funny stuff!

Movie Synopsis

Darren, J.D. & Wayne have been best friends since the fifth grade. They are Neil Diamond fanatics and even have a cover band. Darren, still looking for the right one meets Judith, a psychologist who tries to "whip" Darren. She decides to force Darren to dump J.D. & Wayne as his best friends as well as breaking up their band. After hearing about Darren's engagement to Judith, the decide to kidnap Judith, and try to set Darren back up with his old flame, Sandy before she becomes a nun and Darren marries Mrs. Wrong!!!

Movie Trailer:


  1. I love that movie! Seems we have similar taste :) I think one of the best lines is (and this may not be the *exact* quote, it's been a while) "I'm not a slut! Up until yesterday, I was training to be a nun!"


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