Sunday, May 2, 2010

EcoStore USA Review

I try my best to live an Eco friendly life but I'll admit that I'm not great at it. I've gone to the store & down almost every isle there's some sort of eco friendly product to be bought but I have yet to purchase any of them (with the exception of my cool Samsung Reclaim cell phone which is made of recycled plastic; aka: eco friendly).

I think the fact that most of these Eco-friendly products are somewhat on the pricey side is what has stopped me from trying them out. So when I was recently given the opportunity to try 2 Eco-friendly products of my choice by EcoStore USA I was pretty excited.

I chose to review their Citrus Based All Purpose Cleaner & Plant Based Toilet Cleaner. To be truthful I was a bit skeptical of their products due to the fact that they didn't smell 'chemical' like, lol. I guess I was just used to spraying a product on the thing I wanted to clean & running away before the ammonia/bleach smell hit my nostrils & made me want to pass out. Well...there was NONE of that, or running, with these products. I cleaned my entire master bathroom with both of these products & after letting it soak in for about 10 minutes & a good scrub my entire bathroom looked brand new.

I was happily surprised that the smell was very light and almost barely noticeable. Both the All Purpose Cleaner & Toilet Cleaner had a citrusy & fresh smell to them. It wiped away clean and didn’t leave a film or streaks. Everything “felt” clean after using it. too. There was no sticky residue like you get from some non-green products either. Best of all buying eco-friendly EcoStore products doesn't mean breaking the bank as their products are reasonably priced.

I was VERY pleased with the performance of both EcoStore products. I would definitely recommend them to you and I will be trying more from the EcoStore USA line myself!

Who is Ecostore?

EcoStore was originally founded by a young couple living in an eco village in New Zealand. Because each household was responsible for treating and disposing of their own wastewater, it became obvious pretty quickly that traditional cleaning products were not good for the environment. So, they began to research ways to make a truly green, biodegradable cleaner that would leave the local waters pure for drinking and gardening.

After a few years of trial and error, they figured it out. EcoStore New Zealand was born. They began to sell their products locally, mostly to other eco-minded folks. But after a few years they began to notice something pretty amazing; parents began writing in, telling them that their children’s health problems (like allergies and eczema) had cleared up once they’d stopped using traditional cleaners and started using EcoStore products.

Because EcoStore products are plant based, they don’t put hazardous chemicals into the air when you use them. EcoStore also offers a variety of products such as Baby Care, Bath & Body, Pet Care, and Household Care.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Lin ..and thanks for sharing about Ecostore ..i do agree eco stuff is pricey but then i also agree thats its wort it..ill give these a try too :)

  2. I poked around their site a bit, and I love that they post MSDS's for their products! Maybe that's just the chemist in me, but whatever... :) Currently, I use a few Method products around the house - they're not *too* expensive, and I can pick them up at Target - convenient and less bad for Earth(and they smell awesome)!

  3. I really need to start using eco products. Not just to be "green"... but also for the baby.

    Loved your review!!


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