Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Still Alive...But Super Stressed

I've been meaning to write a post for the last couple of days but have had no time. I'm training for my new position with a chick who thinks I stole her job, I've been constantly arguing with the hubs over this blog & not spending enough time with him, my paycheck is going to be short because I'm now getting paid less and I'm afraid I'm going to completely mess up all the stats I'm now in charge of at work.


I swear my hair is turning gray just thinking of it. Lately I've been in such a weird place, I haven't felt like myself at all. I don't know if it's the pms or just that I'm off my thyroid meds til I see the doc next week but I'm tired all time, I'm angry & all I want to do is cry. Rusty & I have been getting in these petty little fights about the stupidest stuff, in the last 7 years together I cant remember it being like this. He says it's me & maybe it is.

My days just aren't long enough for all the stuff I want to do throughout the day. I work 10 hours a day, 4 days a week & I'm now going to work on Friday,my day off, for some extra $. Seriously guys my schedule is getting up at 4am, leaving to work at 4:45am, get to work at 5:50am, 1/2 hr lunch at 11am, go home at 4:30pm, get home around 6pm (if I'm lucky), go to bed by 9pm....and repeat the following day.

I get why Rusty says I don't spend enough time with him because once I get home I jump into bed, open my laptop to catch up on a days worth of the 130 blogs I read, turn on the TV to watch the 3 days worth of DVR'd shows I have accumulating and then go to bed. I get it...he is no where to be found in my nights routine & I need to find time for him. I need to find time for me too.

I'm selfish, I mean totally & utterly selfish but there's nothing more I love than my guy, the one that loves me unconditionally even though I ignore him sometimes. I think we need a date night or something...I need meds & he needs his wife to give him her FULL attention. I was going to ask you guys for advice but writing this out has actually helped me figure some stuff out. So even though you didn't really help me out with this issue, thanks for sticking around & reading my crazy melodramatic sometimes-don't-make-sense rants.


  1. You do need a date night! Hope you get out of your funk quickly, work gets better, and all of your hard work pays off! Oh and feel better too! No more stress!!

  2. A date night will totally help! That's how the hubs and I have been lately and last friday we sent the kiddo off to my mom and we went to dinner. We just laughed and truly enjoyed each others company! It was great.

    The being tired thing... well, I dont know how to ehlp you on that one. I fall asleep on the couch and get woken up to go to to bed... I stumble to bed and don't evne think my head hits the pillow before I'm back out. Let's both make the pact to push ourselves to stay up a LITTLE later to give the hubbies some attention.


  3. I'm going to have to also say date nights are a must! It's time that allows us to disconnect from being parents, running a household, work, etc. I love when we're able to get a moment for ourselves rather than feeling obligated to someone/something.

    My husband and I get to really see each other only at dinner time and then right before bed on the weekdays. He normally gets home right before dinner and within an hour or so, I'm off to the gym. Only to come home, shower, answer some e-mails and then we're off to bed. I really relish our "pillow talk" time. We usually will chat and laugh at things, which helps me go to sleep. So, maybe even with your busy schedule during the week, make some time to reconnect during pillow talk time.

  4. Date nights are awesome. We try to have at least one a week, no matter how hectic our schedules are. Whether we just go out for dinner, or we go to the movie...an hour together is better than an hour apart. I hope everything falls into place soon, and that your stress goes away. Good luck with your new position at work!

  5. I get overwhelmed by all the blogs I read everyday, and they take up so much time - that's why I've stepped back from blogging (that, and I have 2 of them ,lol)

    Last weekend me and Rich tried not using the computer or phones, and just spent it in the house with each other. Granted we weren't in the same room all the time, but it was nice to just be silent and wit him. WHen I came back to read my blogs I just marked them as read adn went on - not nice, I know, but somtimes a little down time is what ht head/heart need.

  6. Sounds like you guys need some couple time---I have been in the same place. My dh is a recovering video game addict. He's never been clinically diagnosed but about a year ago he finally quit cold turkey and we've been better ever since.Not to compare our situations, I'm just saying I understand when distractions include into family life.


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