Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Blame The New Job

I just realized I haven't posted since Saturday...maybe Sunday? Anyhoo. My excuse? Work.

At my last position I had tons of down time & could do this all day but now, I'm lucky if I can check my e-mail. And to be completely honest it has nothing to do with me being swamped with work but instead it has to do with me having to share a damn desk & computer. This. Totally. Blows.

The only reason I'm actually posting today is because I got to work an hour early so I have the desk all to myself...oh how I'll enjoy this hour.

I have no privacy & she's a talker. And by talker of course I mean gossiper. If you need to know who's sleeping with who or who's having personal issues, see her. I'm keeping my distance by only letting her know certain things about me & my life just to be on the safe side. Other than being paired up (temporarily, I'm told) it's been ok. I've learned just about everything I need to know so hopefully she'll be getting the hell outta my cubicle bubble soon.

In other non work related gibberish, the hubs & I are back on track & are BFF's again. I guess date nights (we had date day) really do work *smile*. We've come to the agreement that we need a date day/night at least once a week to help us to stay connected. And, since our last date day was something he choose (going shooting at the gun range) then the next one is my pick.

Where are we going? To the Pantages Theater in Hollywood to watch Chicago. Ooohh yeah! I cant even tell you how much I LOVE this movie & getting to watch it on stage is making me all giggly...haha. From what Rusty's telling me, he's not all that disappointed by my pick so I'm happy. Actually I think he's just excited about seeing the Cell Block Tango act in person...girls dancing seductively in practically nothing.

So yeah, the plans are made now all I need is to buy the tickets. I'll definitely have to get on this ticket thing asap cause I think it's only playing for a month & they're bound to sell out. Hm...maybe we'll just do movie date night this week & then we can do Chicago in a few weeks. Sounds like a great inexpensive plan to me :)

Happy Thursday everyone!

p.s. I received my CSN Stores review item yesterday afternoon so hopefully I'll be get around to posting that review post this weekend. It's on the top of my list! Rusty opened the package for me, since I wasn't home yet, and he's already called dibs on it, lol.


  1. FINALLY!!!
    I vote for throat punching the gossip queen! She might not deserve it... but it'll be fun for you. Plus fun for us to read about on your blog! ha!

    So glad to hear date day worked out with Rusty!


  2. Definitely don't get too close to the gossiper! I used to work with a huge one at my old job - he (yes, it was a him!) talked about every single person in the office, and I finally realized that he was undoubtedly dissing me behind my back too. They're bad news!

  3. I second the motion of the gossiper! Don't overshare. Sorry you have to share your desk.. that would be horrid

  4. I have had the same problem before. If I'm busy I don't post, I try not to be busy. :) I hope you'll stop by and visit...I'm visiting from SITS.

  5. Gossip? At the work place? Never! :) I was just stopping by from SITS, I'm glad I did. I know being busy keeps me from blogging too. So, I try not be busy. It just happens. I hope you'll stop by and visit me.


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