Saturday, April 3, 2010

Friday Saturday Night Rant

I've had so much to write about these past two nights & have had absolutely NO time to do it (hence the crossed out Friday in the title). For having these last two days off, they sure haven't been very relaxing *sigh*.

So as most of you know my job was on the chopping block a few weeks ago & then I later found out that even though my position was being eliminated they found a spot for me in another department so I still technically had a job, just not mine.

Well, Thursday was officially my last day at my old position (major bummer). I tried really hard to pack up all my stuff early in the week & leave my desk bare so that the last day wouldn't be that big of a deal. The day was going by pretty normally until my about an hour before I was supposed to leave. My boss comes over to my desk with almost everyone in our department & puts a card & cake in front of me. He then begins to tell me how thankful he is of everything I did for them, how sad they are that I have to be transferred but glad that I took it like a champ & never bitched about it (to them at least). It was all very heart felt & I honestly contemplated chaining myself to the desk & chair so I didn't have to leave. As a parting gift they gave me a card with $100 in it which I've already spent it on new 'professional' clothes for my new position (lame!).

I'm really really bummed about not working for my old department anymore but I know I'll still see them every now & then. Especially because my old boss asked me to come in for some overtime till they figure out what they're going to do without me. Overtime...Hell Yeah!

Also, I found out last week that I'd have to share a desk with some chick at my new position (supposedly only temporarily). I had never met this chick up until Thursday morning when I went down to the new department to ask where my new desk would be & she was there. I think the my new boss forgot to mention the sharing of the desk with her because the look on her face was priceless when it was mentioned. To be honest I don't think this chick & I are going to going out to lunch together anytime soon cause it seemed like she wanted to eat me alive.

When I was first told about the sharing of a desk I was under the impression that she wasn't at the desk yet so we'd both get there & it would be empty . I was WRONG. Seems like she's been there for some time & she's posted up shop. I'm talking trinkets, photos, personal notes...all of it. Where the hell do I fit in if all her shit is everywhere?

At the end of the day I sat in my car & cried. I don't like change, I'm a creature of habit & I'd had the same position for 2 years. I didn't want to do it forever but if I left I wanted it to be on my terms. Tough shit I guess. At least I still have job, that's what I keep hearing from everyone. I told Rusty about the chick taking over the cubicle/desk & he (along with many of my twitter homies) said that I should go in there on Monday & take half of it over because half IS mine. Basically it's like the new kids in school beating up the biggest kid on the first day that way everyone knows not to mess with him, ha ha.

I'm not a pushy person & I don't like causing commotion but I guess they're right, if I let her take over now I'll just be that girl that turns into the total push over. And, I don't want that! So, I think the plan is to go in on Monday, which is her day off, take some of my little things & place them around the cubicle. We'll see how this new position thing works out. I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm only there for the paycheck, not to make friends. Hopefully the company I work for will get more money in July's budget & my position will be re-opened because then I'll be able to head back up to my old job *fingers crossed*.

And on top of all this new job stress, my grams was put in the hospital Friday night. Her lungs keep filling with fluid which causes her to not be able to breathe so they had to drain them. I went to see her today & she seems to be doing better but I was informed that she told the hospital that if anything were to happen to her she does not want to be resuscitated. I suppose it's her choice to not want to be pumped full of meds & have tubes coming out of every orifice but it's difficult to accept that she might not be here forever. They might let her go home tomorrow but the doc said they cant do anything to stop the fluid buildup & it will continue to happen & possibly get worse. I'm not a very religious person but I've given serious thought to returning to church lately.

We'll see, hopefully next week will better. As for now I'm going to numb my mind with some television & twitter posts. Hope everyone has a fabulous Easter!

I should also mention that this week wasn't totally crappy. A couple of days ago I approached 4 companies about possibly doing a review/giveaway on one of their products and so far 2 responded with YES. I'm totally excited & glad I got over the fear of rejection. So stay tuned for some fab reviews and possibly some giveaways in the next few weeks!


  1. I'm sorry about your work situation. I would probably be upset about it too if I were you, regardless if it's great that "you still have a job". I am also sorry about your gram.. Sounds like there's lots of stress floating around.

    Stopped by from SITS!

  2. Good work getting those reviews/giveaways! :)
    I'm sure you'll settle into your new job okay. I'm also starting a new job and am worried about the transition...

  3. Hi, hun. I am so sorry about everything. Your job, your grandma...I hate change, too. I like doing things that are comfortable & that don't make me go out of my comfort zone so I totally understand about your job. {{hugs}}

    I'm so sorry about your Grandma. We're going through stuff with my Grandpa and it's been a really rough few weeks for me. {{hugs}}

    And yay about your review/giveaway opps! It never hurts to ask is my motto :) I can't wait to see what you have planned!


  4. Linny sounds like things are tough now. When you lose your comfort zone it can be very threatening. You need to focus on the fact that it's more than "having a job" that you should take heart in...the fact is you must be GOOD ENOUGH that your company looked at how they could keep you. Anymore, employers are looking for ways to cut back not keep them on. So, remind yourself you're GOOD.

    btw i think you should tread lightly with the new deskmate. she's anchored in the dept you aren't. you don't want to be a pushover but nor do you want to rock the boat too much in the transition. why not go in and say something like..."i know this is tough for you too sharing a desk but how can we figure out how to share the space without disrupting it too much for you?"

    anyway, just an old woman with too many gray hairs and too few people to share my old lady knowledge with.

    oh yeah, i lost both my parents this past year. it's hard to face those kind of things. i'm still raw from it all...this cycle of life stuff is really crap. i guess enjoy the time that you still have. wish i could have just one more day with both of them...just one more day.

    found you on SITS btw.

  5. I hope Monday works out for you!

  6. That sucks about your work station. I hope you and the other girl are able to work things out amicably.

    I'm sorry to hear about your gram. I hope she's doing better.

    Looking forward to the reviews and possible giveaways!


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