Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Favorite Movie Tuesday

I've totally slacked on posting a movie for the past couple of weeks but I'm back & have a great pick for all of you who enjoy mystery, suspense & action movies.

This weeks' movie pick is

Rusty & I were supposed to go the theater to watch Sherlock Holmes when it first came out but of course, like SO many other movies, we just never got around to it & considering how awesome it is we're really sorry we didnt make time.

Sherlock Holmes premeired in theater on Christmas Day 2009. The movies stars the handsome Robert Downey Jr., the talented Jude Law, and the beautiful Rachel McAdams. What's it about you ask? Well...after finally catching serial killer and occult "sorcerer" Lord Blackwood, the legendary Sherlock Holmes & his assistant Dr. Watson can close yet another successful case. But when Blackwood mysteriously returns from the grave and resumes his killing spree, Holmes must take up the hunt once again & attempt to recapture him. Contending with Watsons' new fiancée and the dimwitted head of Scotland Yard, the dauntless detective must unravel the clues that will lead him into a twisted web of murder, deceit, and black magic - and the deadly embrace of the temptress & his love interest Irene Adler.

Whew...reading that makes me want to watch it all over again! It's very rare that I actually buy a movie because chances are that I'll really never watch it again but I'm going out first thing on payday to buy this movie. The movie is directed by the the fabulously talented Guy Ritchie. This dude seriously knows how to work the camera. The opening scene alone pulls you right into the movie.

If I had to choose a particular part in the movie that was my favorite I'd have to say it was the boxing scene with Robert Downey Jr. The camera work, the fight scene & the music is fantastic. The best part of the movie is that the ending leaves it open for a sequel...which is actually in pre-production right now!

I'm positive that if you give this movie a chance, you wont be disappointed.

Fun Movie Trivia:

  • Robert Maillet accidentally knocked out Robert Downey Jr. while filming a fight scene.

  • Robert Downey Jr. read many Sherlock Holmes stories and watched "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" (1984) by Granada Television (starring Jeremy Brett) in order to learn more about the character.

  • The set for Sherlock Holmes's home in this film was previously used as Sirius Black's home in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007).

  • Guy Ritchie's first film not to be Rated R in the US.

  • Watson's line to Holmes, "You know that what you're drinking is for eye surgery," is an obscure reference to Holmes's cocaine usage. At the time, cocaine was used as a topical anesthetic for eye surgery. In the stories, Holmes injects cocaine.

  • Rachel McAdams, Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. reportedly did most of their own stunts.

  • Attempting to escape the clutches of wearing a tight corset every morning, Rachel McAdams would trick the costumers by pushing her stomach out or eating a big breakfast of oatmeal before being laced up. However, they eventually caught on to her ruse.

  • After Guy Ritchie signed on as the director, he insisted that the two most common clichés of Sherlock Holmes - the "Elementary my dear Watson" quip and Holmes's deerstalker - be dropped entirely.
  • Director of photography Phillipe Rousselot used a special high-speed digital camera specifically to film the Punchbowl fight sequence. The key moment where Holmes punches his opponent's jaw, was filmed one second in real-time and turned into a seven-second shot without additional post-production aid. (*This was my favorite scene)


  1. Good choice! I lovvvved it in theater, and can't wait to see it again.

  2. I loved the movie! It's one of the few I've actually seen in the theater this year...and of course, it's always fun to revisit the basis for my favorite tv show (House)! Love, love, love it!

  3. I loved the movie! It's one of the few I've actually seen in the theater this year...and of course, it's always fun to revisit the basis for my favorite tv show (House)! Love, love, love it!

  4. I always have enjoyed Robert Downey Jr. throughout his career, but I was soooo disappointed by his performance in this movie. I felt as though he were speaking with marbles in his mouth. The rest of the movie was interesting especially the way that the director chose to portray the way Holmes would see in his mind's eye exactly the way his actions would indeed happen.

  5. I LOOOOVE this movie :)

    Me and Rich went to see it when it came out around Christmas, and were hooked and couldn't wait for it to come out on DVD. We've actually watched it twice since we got it a few weeks ago, adn Rich wants to watch it again this weekend, lol.

    The fight scene is one of my favorites too :)

    I've had a crush on RDJ since I was a kid, and this movie just made it that much worse - I can't wait for the next one.


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