Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Celebrity Dish...Why Yes, I'll Have Some

I love celebrity gossip!

And since my life's been pretty freakin boring lately I've decided talk about some of the stuff that's been going on in Tinseltown so that next time you're out & about you wont feel left out when the cool kids talk *wink*.

1) Hayden Panettiere went & did this to her hair. WTF was she thinking? She looks like a pre-pubescent boy in make up. Ok, a bit harsh but so true.


2) UFC Wrestler Tito Ortiz was arrested for DV this week. Jenna Jameson claims he tossed her into a bath tub or something, causing her to tear some ligaments. He claims she pops Oxy like they're Pez' so an argument ensued. He was later bailed out of jail & she moved out of their house w/their twins.

3) Matt Damon & his wife, Lucia, are expecting their 3rd child together. I'm still undecided on Matt Damons' hotness. He's not hot in this photo but in the Bourne movies...*drool*

4) Crazy ass Courtney Love went on Howard Stern the other day & 'claimed' that she had an affair with Gavin Rossdale while he & Gwen Stefani were a semi new couple. Hm...yeah, I'm calling BS. I'll give it to Courtney, she didn't always look like meth head but I don't think it happened.

5) My girl crush Sandra Bullock up & adopted a baby all on her own after filing for divorce from Jesse James. The scoop is that they started the adoption proceedings while married & had the baby at their home but after news of the affairs surfaces she decided to adopt the 3 month old baby boy (Louis) as a single parent.

6) Ginnifer Goodwin has been cast as the lead to star in the movie Something Borrowed (based on the book). I haven't read the book yet but have heard great things. To be honest I've been a bit hesitant to buy it cause it seems like such a 'girly' book but there's something about that movie that I'll probably go see it. I think she's great & I love her in Big Love!

7) Super hottie Michael C. Hall has beat cancer! His wife, Jennifer Carpenter, confirmed that he is now 'cancer free' after being diagnosed with a treatable form of Hodgkin's lymphoma . Glad to hear it & cant wait for the next season of Dexter!

8) Mr. Playboy Hugh Hefner saved the Hollywood sign by donating $900,000. The 138 acre property will now become part of Griffith Park and will no longer be up for sale. There were rumors swirling around that they wanted to tear down or relocate the famous Hollywood sign & build a ginormous hotel on the property. I'm glad Hugh came through with his huge donation so that the famous landmark wouldn't have to be torn down :)


  1. I am happy for Sandra Bullock! She deserves some love in her life.

  2. Greetings from your faithful follower! ha!

    I love me some celebrity gossip!!!

    I've been HOOKED on the Tito Ortiz thing since it broke... and well I just don't know. She was saying yesterday that he never hit her and he's never abused her. Then after his press release she started calling him a wifebeater. Either way, the whole situation is sad. Weather he hit her or not that couple needs help!

  3. I don't follow celebrity gossip. I see the occasional headlines on my yahoo start page, but that's it. Also, read Something Borrowed ... it was REALLY good. I love Emily Giffin. And you live in a big ass city, go to the library and rent it instead of buying it, silly!

    Also, LOVE the news about Sandra Bullock. I have a feeling that she just inserted herself into the role of "power woman" for all other women who get screwed over by their partners. Plus, my husband wants to bang her. Sigh.

  4. I love, love, LOVE Sandra Bullock. She is a role model to women everywhere!

    And that book is amazing!! Loooved it!

    I'll have to see Hayden's hair styled a different way. I LOVE short hair, but I'm definitely not like the slicked back look haha!


  5. Ok I have read something borrowed and something blue...I think there is another one too but dont quote me on that. ;) They were both good!

  6. Hayden looks like glam-era David Bowie.

  7. Holy cow I never knew Dexter was married to his sister...OMG..I just had to cal the hubs and tell him...we must be dimwits or something cuz we missed that one...and I saw Jenna on Oprah and thought her life was a "wonderful love story"...I didnt even get a hint of controversy...Mmmmm I better come over here if I want the truth about celebs..Lolol..!


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