Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Barbie Awesomeness...

Joan Holloway, Roger Sterling, Don Draper & Betty Draper

No, your eyes do not deceive you....Yes, those are Mad Men Barbie dolls! How freakin' awesome is that? Super awesome is the right answer ppl!

(& yeah I'm aware I'm using exclamation marks a lot, I'm just excited he he)

Mattel has decided to release these miracles onto the world sometime in July 2010, just in time for Mad Mens' season 4. If you're a stalkery kind of fan you'll be able to buy them from BarbieCollector.com for the handsome sum of $74.95 (strange price, I know).

Now, I'm not knocking any BIG fans out there (I drool over Don just as much as the next gal) but I wouldn't pay $74.95 for one of these dolls. Recession. Sound familiar?

I took a gander at the Barbie website & found that they've actually created a lot of awesome Barbies based on TV/Movie characters. I dont know that I'd spend a chunky chunk of my cash on them but here are some of my faves...


  1. Dude, I had a barbie collection until I was a pre-teen. Although I didn't play with them anymore, I couldn't bare to let them .... go. Finally, I think around 12 or so I did. Very sad day for me.

  2. Have you seen the Loubie Barbies? So fab!

  3. I love the Scarlett O'Hara one! I'm a big GWTW fan


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