Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vintage Celebrity Saturday

This weeks' vintage celebrity is one of the most talent actresses in the movie business. She can sing, dance, act & is as beautiful today as she was in her early years.

Can you guess who she is?

  1. Was born June 22, 1949 in Summit, New Jersey.
  2. She has been nominated for the Academy Award 16 times (won 2), 25 Golden Globes (winning 7) & 5 Grammy Awards (0 wins).
  3. She has won 2 Emmy Awards, 2 Screen Actors Guild Award, 1 Cannes Film Festival Award & 4 New York Film Critics Cirlcle Awards.
  4. Her first film role was in the movie Julia (1977), and the next year she was nominated for her first Oscar for her role in The Deer Hunter (1978).
  5. Has been married to Don Gummer for 32 years & have 4 children together.
  6. Learned to play the violin, by practicing 6 hours a day for 8 weeks, for her role in Music of the Heart (1999).
  7. Has a fear of helicopters.
  8. Graduated from Vassar & attended Yale.
  9. Was a cheerleader and homecoming queen in high school.
  10. Originally applied to Law School but slept in on the morning of her interview and took it as a sign she was destined for other things.
  11. Took serious singing lessons. At age 12, she studied to become an opera singer.
  12. Donated her wardrobe from The Devil Wears Prada (2006) to a charity auction.
Who is this brilliant lady?

Meryl Streep


  1. She's the first one I guessed from her old photo! I think it's her nose...it's just a tad crooked and it adds so much character! I LOVE MERYL. She's probably my favorite actress of all time!

    PS: How are you handling quarantine? It's almost over sweets!! Hang in there!

  2. Totally guessed her when I saw her photo. I didn't even read the tidbits because I KNEW I was right. I think it's the face that she has small, perky features and almond shaped eyes. Plus, I've watched a lot of movies with Meryl.

    It's almost Sunday! And I know I didn't post today. I had planned on it. But my BlackBerry being killed today really put a stank in my mood for the day.

  3. HI - stopping by from SITS. I thought it was Meryl Streep. she hasn't changed much from this photo. have a great week.

  4. I like her. She is so talented and I love watching her.

    This photo of her looks like the girl /daughter in mama mia.

  5. I guessed right, just from the photo.

    She's aged well AND still looks like herself.

  6. Im with Ashley ..I knew i was right with meryl..Wooo Hooo.!


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