Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vintage Celebrity Saturday

I've got a sick husband on my hands so I'm typing this post out in a hurry. I've gotten him a bit medicated so he's pretty preoccupied with the pretty colors right now, ha ha, just joking. But seriously, he's taken enough meds to make him feel semi normal so he's trying to play WoW right now, hence giving me a few free 'ME' minutes.

So...instead of catching up on my new book (Dearly Devoted Dexter) I've decided to get here & write this lovely post for you guys cause I luv ya that much :)

This weeks' celeb is this cutie..

Look familiar? No? Yes? Here's a few things that might give you an idea...

  1. Born on April 22. 1937.
  2. His mother was a showgirl & it is unclear who his father is.
  3. Was raised by his grandparents and grew up thinking his grandparents were his parents.
  4. He was informed that his grandparents were not his parents & in reality his sister was his mother when a journalist from the Times told him. By this time his grandparents had already passed.
  5. Was voted class clown in High School.
  6. Has 5 children with 4 different women.
  7. Is an avid fan of the Lakers & never misses a home game & because of this producers must schedule filming around the games.
  8. Lives In Beverly Hills, Malibu, Los Angeles, California, Aspen, Colorado and Kailua, Hawaii.
  9. Batman creator Bob Kane personally recommended him for the role of the Joker in Batman (1989).
  10. Rolling Stone magazine nicknamed him "The Great Seducer".
  11. His famous trademark sunglasses have prescription lenses, since he is very short-sighted.
  12. Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito were childhood friends and play mates.
If you haven't guessed it yet, it's Jack Nicholson.
If you look a the photo again his smile & eyes give it away big time.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Very cute! I never would have guessed by looking at the picture, but you are right when you know and look at the picture! I think it is very generous that you let your husband pick his own blog name!!http://makingitworkmom.blogspot.com/

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog via SITS Saturday Sharefest! Looks like we're neighbors, out The OC.

    I never knew all that stuff about Jack Nicholson. So crazy!! Hope your hubs feels better soon!

  3. YOu can tell it's him from the picture!! Wow the whole parent thing tells you a lot about him and why he has all these kids with diff women!

  4. I love him! And now that I looked back at the pic? I can totally see it.

    Hope the husband is feeling better. My throat and neck seriously feel like death. Uggghhh....


  5. The moment I saw that smile I was like, "I bet that's Jack." I was right. Woohoo, go me :) I love me some Jack. In fact, I love the him && the name so much I've thought if I ever have another boy, I'd name him Jack.

  6. It definitely took me a minute, but he's pretty iconic. I think he looks better now!

  7. oh funny! totally looks like him!

    stopping by from SITS! :)

  8. it's funny, i could see it right away. thanks for the facts, there were a bunch of things i didn't know. man could you imagine finding out your sister was your mom. insane!

  9. I knew as soon as I saw him, he looked just like that in The Monkees movie "Head". lol

    Hope the hubby is feeling better. I always say that video games can cure anything. lol Oh, and Dexter rules!

    Visiting from SITS, have a great day! :D


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