Monday, March 22, 2010

UnEmployement & WTF Was He Thinking?

Good news bloggies, I've officially been offered another position with my employer. Yep, this means that my position was cut due to budget cuts but they have found a 'new' position for me. Don't ask me what my duties will be cause I have NO clue but I accepted it cause a gal needs medical insurance & money to pay her bills.

I was a little bummed that I'll have to move departments, I love the guys I work with, but whatevs...it's still a J.O.B. I was informed by the head honcho that the wonderful raise they OK'd me for last week will not take effect because my new position (which I'll start sometime in April) will be .40 cents less than my pay right now so they didn't want to get me used to a bigger paycheck for that small amount of time *sad face*.

All is good in the world pals. At least for now. Thank you all for wishing me well & keeping me in your thoughts through this gut wrenching time. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that Rusty will get a call any day now saying he got the job, that would be heaven.

Alright, now to the most important topic...WTF was Jesse James thinking? This subject has seriously been brewing & I had to give it a couple of days because the words I would have used when I first heard about this would have been unacceptable for your delicate eyes to read.

The whole cheating thing is bad enough but for him to have done it with this piece *gag* (even her tattoos look cheap, ha ha). Come on Jesse, you're not bad looking, your ex-wife was somewhat of a looker, you're pretty well off, why in the world would you pick this dirty-looking-make-your-genitals-ich-kat-von-d-wanna-be chick to cheat on this beautiful woman with?

I don't get it. I understand people cheat all the time & this is nothing out of the ordinary but when you have a wife that you claim you adore more than anything else why would you hurt her this way. A cheap thrill can cost you so much in the long run & I'm sure he's now feeling the sting.

I seriously thought they were the perfect couple & deep deep deep down inside I secretly want her to forgive him & take him back but maybe it's not always a good idea to have the happily ever after ending. There are pictures of him still wearing his wedding band but I have to wonder if he ever bothered to look at that band when he was flirting/getting with this trick.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking woman for taking back their guys after an indiscretion, your life is your life but I don't know if I'd be able to get passed it all. I suppose it takes a lot of work, I don't know if I'd be able to take Rusty back if he ever cheated. Ugh, who am I kidding I'd probably take him back...after taking my aggression out on his computer & beating him up that is *buahahaha*.
Anyhoo, I really hope Sandra Bullock is getting all the support she needs right now. I also feel really bad for Jesse James' kids, the magazines are saying they were really close to Sandra Bullock. Hopefully everyone is finding a healthy way to cope with Jesse James' wandering weenis. Gross...shame on you Jesse!


The skanky mistress has claimed that she was under the impression that Jesse James & Sandra Bullock were separated. I call B.S. cause you seriously have to be one stupid girl to not know that they're still together...for goodness sake, open up a damn magazine! You gotta love it when home-wreckers try to justify the situation.


  1. I'm so glad you are still employed, even if it's a 40-cent decrease. The company must think highly of you to retrain you for another position! Congrats :)

    I was in total shock when I heard about Jesse & Sandra's breakup. She was the best thing that ever happened to him, and he blew it! I heard that his ex-wife is now seeking custody. And now, she'll probably get it.

  2. Yay for having a J.O.B! That's exciting :)
    &&As for the James' mistress. GAG! She is disgusting. I guess it shows you that no matter how beautiful, rich, successful, etc you are in life - people are going to be people. I feel bad for her!

  3. YAY for your job hun!! I am so happy for you!

    I hadn't read a lot about the whole affair...until tonite. I caught up on trusty Perez and it makes me sick.

    I love Sandra. I think she's as close to normal people as possible. And for him to do that to her? With that chick?!?!

    Totally breaks my heart. *sad*

  4. A joooooobbbbb!!!! YAY!! I'm so happy for you! I've been praying that Rusty gets this one...that'd make up for that 40 cents and then some!

    I didn't know about that! What a slime. I hate cheating. I'm 100% confident that that's something that would never occur in our marriage. We'd blow all our savings on counseling before something like that ever happened! Poor Sandra. :(

  5. So glad they found another position for you! :)

  6. Hi There...wow I hope the job thing works out...that is hard to go through..I have my finders crossed for Rusty as well...Im with you exactly on Jesse J..what an A----, people will kill for Sandra...I mean that literally...I dont know the facts though..I actually thought it was false when I first heard..!Thanks for Coming by...I have to add you to my reader..you werent coming up even though I followed you..!

  7. Hey, Thanks for taking a look at my blog, I love yours we have a lot in common besides the kid thing but I too love celebrity gossip and horror movies I used to live in California, I am really glad we got Easter Swap Partners. Talk to you later.

  8. J to the O to the B woooo hooooo!!!!!

  9. Congrats on the job! Yay for un-unemployement :)


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